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Office Automation and Group Collaboration

Anthony Freeman

University of Phoenix

CIS/319 Computer and Information Processing

Mr. Bill Bryant

April 16, 2008


The intent of this paper is to define office automation and group collaboration and how it used in a work environment. Office Automation has been defined as the customization of current computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, email, and PowerPoint presentations to make everyday office tasks more convenient in your workplace. Group Collaboration software provides tools for groups of people or organizations to share information and coordinate activities

Office Automation & Group Collaboration

The purpose of this memorandum is to describe the types of office automation and group collaboration software that is used at Merichem Chemicals and Refinery. This company utilizes several software packages, however the ones that I will discuss in this informative paper are Microsoft Office XP which Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as Oracle.

Microsoft Office is the main software package used at this company for word processing applications to type documents, legal contracts and memos for their potential and established clients all over the world.

Merichem Chemicals and Refinery uses Microsoft Word because it is the most common and most universal word processor on the market. Word files can also be used to create other file formats, such as PDF and HTML. There are several things that can be done to make content created in Word more accessible (1999-2008 WebAim).

Microsoft Excel is used at this company for several reasons including, preparing spreadsheets to track inventory of machine supplies (toners, cartridges, fuser modules, and waste containers), it also used to track office supplies for each department, and for distinguishing the salesmen’s clientele service areas.

PowerPoint is an essential application used at this company for doing presentations at monthly meetings, training modules that are giving to employees as well as to give clients a visual of how Merichem’s products can benefit their companies. Utilizing PowerPoint allows an audience to gain a better understanding of the information that is being giving to them. It also allows the person giving the presentation a visual tool to assist in getting there points across to others.

To email internally and externally, Merichem Chemicals and Refinery uses Microsoft Outlook and to maintain calendars for meetings in its conference rooms, manage schedules for the salesmen and has task management capabilities. Microsoft Outlook is designed to operate as an independent personal information manager, as an Internet mail client, or in conjunction with the Microsoft Exchange Server for group scheduling, email, and task management. It manages email, calendars, contacts, tasks, to-do lists, and documents or files on the hard drive. Outlook helps you communicate through email, phone support, and group scheduling capabilities. Outlook also helps you share information by means of public folders, forms, and Internet connectivity (2008, Indiana University).

Merichem also uses another software package known as Oracle E- Business Suites, to create a highly scalable and reliable IT environment that has helped MCRS to standardize business processes and improve decision-making capabilities. Merichem faced a huge obstacle with implementing Oracle E-Business Suite into its system because they wanted to create an IT infrastructure that could support the present operations and future growth as well as standardize business processes and reduce transactional costs (2003, Merichem Chemicals and Refinery).

In conclusion, Merichem has several software packages that it uses in its work environment and will continue to integrate other software as it seems fit. I have learned from this research that Microsoft Office Suites are beneficial to this company due to its flexibility and is universally recognized all over the world.


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