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Strenghts And Weaknesses

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Strengths & weaknesses Anthony King

University of Phoenix GEN 300 Paulene Keller 7/05/2006

Strengths & weaknesses

I consider myself to be a well rounded person, but if I had to pinpoint my strengths and my weaknesses. I would say that I am very strong in problem solving. I love brain teasers something that make me think and in most cases I will figure it out. I am also a very good listener; my listening comprehension is very good. My patience is one if not the strongest thing about me. I really think patience is a must in my life because I work in retail and if I am not patience I would have a lot of days where I would lose my cool, maybe even get fired, so having patience is something I know I am very strong at. In my opinion with patience comes understanding, if you take the time to be patience with someone in most cases you can understand where that person is coming from, not everyone comprehends the same. Put yourself in that person shoes and say you was trying to learn something new and the person showing you explains it once twice and on the third time that person start rolling their eyes and breathing hard. I would be very discourage to continue, for this reason I display a great deal of patience if I am training someone and I help them until they understand what it is they are trying to learn that make them pleased not discourage and that is what I get joy from. I also like to be the person who a friend needs someone to talk to, to express them self its not good to keep things bottle up in side I like to be that person they can come talk to, it can be about anything I am very open minded is it very hard to offend me.

That brings me to another on of my strengths, to able to accept constructive criticism. If I doing something wrong just simply tell me it will not hurt my feelings. I will listen to you and take your info and make myself better. I have seen a lot of people lose their cool because someone told them that they was wrong and they didn't want to accept that; I am not like that in no way I encourage it please tell me if I am wrong it will only help me and make me better.

For what I consider weaknesses, one of them is that I put my self in the other person shoes. I know that this should be a bad thing, but why I consider a weakness for me, I seem to do it to much at work at home well just about in every situation and that is why its bad for me. I can be at work and being on a commission base pay scale I should not say what a person can or can not afford but in a town where you know most of your customers you kind of know what a person can afford. That is where I am weak I lose money because I do not sell like my company would like me to, now I do my job well, but instead of sell things they do not need to make me more money I sell the customer what they do need even if that mean less money for me.

I also wish that when my confidence is down about something that I can shake it off and bounce back and forget about it, but that is hard for me to do. It sits there in my head and I can just see it over and over again. At this point I am thinking to myself I know better I know when I can do something well, but I let it get to me. I am also wondering what others are thinking about me when I know it should not matter what they are thinking. Now I am hoping for another chance just for redemption, maybe this time I can prove to myself and everyone who doubted me that, that was a mistake and nothing more. That is how I will regain my confidence in myself and others around me can also regain their confidence in me too.

These are what I consider my strengths and my weaknesses and now realizing this I also see what I need to improve upon to make myself a better well rounded person.

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