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Summary Of A Thirst For OilВ… Man'S Search For Petroleum&Quot; By R. Williams

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In the essay, "A thirst for oilВ… Man's search for petroleum" by R. Williams, he states that oil has a big influence on why and what man does. At first oil was used for liniment, medicine, and cementing walls. All over the world there are natural places you can recover oil and gas, such as the U.S. and Canada, but the Middle East was the biggest supplier for U.S. oil after World War II.

Petroleum first uses included sealants, lubricants and medicinal purposes. A product of petroleum, kerosene, was used as fuel for light and heating. The major current use for petroleum came with the invention of the automobile. Petroleum is not just use for fuel; oil is also used in plastics, fertilizers, and cosmetics.

Early on searching for oil and gas was more difficult, found only near natural oil and gas seeps. Later on, geochemistry helped in finding that deposits under the earth's surface. Technology is aided in the search for oil, but instead of just a guessing game it became an actual science with satellites, drilling, and saline injections helping to uncover what is beneath the surface of the earth.

Relying on oil has influenced world politics greatly. Some of the historical events that impacted the petroleum industry were the invention of the first motor car, World War I, the start of the great depression, the oil discovery in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, World War II, the beginning of OPEC, Exxon Valdez spill, Iraq invades Kuwait, UN embargo on Iraq, Soviet union collapses, 50 years moratorium on mining and oil explorations in Antarctica approval, U.S. sanctions against Libya lifted, September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States of America, construction started on Bosphorus bypass pipeline bringing oil from Baku to Mediterranean, just to name a few. Oil is the front runner in global politics with wars and alliances to prove it.

Transportation has changed greatly, what was once thought to be unimaginable is done daily. Pipelines and tankers have aided in bringing the oil to where it needs to be. Oil deep underwater now can be harvested with the use of deep sea drilling platforms.

Refining the crude oil has been made easier with the help of technology. Technology such as fluid catalytic cracking, hydro-isomerization, and alkylalation to alter the molecules of petroleum streams. Also part of refining crude oil is the environmental factor. Protection of our environment has changed how the whole process is done. With new laws in place, retrieving, cleaning and processing the crude oil is much improved and more effective.

Petroleum is a limited resource that the world is obsessed with using until it is gone. People are willing to do whatever it takes to get all the oil they can, no matter what it means. R. Williams writes "From a substance seeping from that earth's surface, ignored by man for centuries, to a commodity that has unprecedented implications in global relations, petroleum has truly become a man's black goal."

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