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The Transfer Student

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The Transfer Student

First experiences are always something we try to avoid. You never know what to expect. Will it be easy? Will it be hard? The only way to answer these questions is to go through with it. Do not hesitate, have an open mind and be willing to accept any mishaps. After all, this is only going to happen once. It is very easy to sit down and examine how you should confront the situation, but when the actual day arrives your mind goes blank and it is a whole other ball game.

It is the morning of my first day at Spencer High School. First days are usually not that bad except for transfer students. I leave the house and head toward the bus-stop. While walking along the sidewalk various questions continuously run through my mind. "What are the teachers going to be like? Are the students going to be friendly? Oh, I hope I don't walk into the wrong class". As I try to get a hold of myself, my thoughts are interrupted by the cold breeze against my skin. Goose bumps begin to rise throughout my arms; my whole body begins to shiver; it is just too cold. Ten minutes has passed and suddenly, the cold wind blows and hits me even harder when I finally realize something. "Why am I the only one standing at the bus-stop?" I missed the bus. I walk back home and have my mother drop me to the school. What a great way to start the morning.

Finally, we arrive at the school and I am ten minutes late. I think to myself, "This is a great way to start off my first day". Surprisingly, the principal greets me at the door. "Wow, this is a first. I must really be in a good school". She walks me to the counselor's office so I can get my schedule. "Four classes, that is all? Oh, this is really going to be easy." We begin to walk toward a classroom. The principal asks if she could borrow a student to show me where my classes are. The "borrowed student" and I walk along the school hallways and she gives me the grand tour. I notice that the whole school is in one big circle. The are no extra hallways to the left, and none to the right. I think to myself, "This is really weird. Oh, well a school is a school." She shows me where all my classes are in order, which was really helpful, then drops me off to my first class. My stomach begins to twist, and am all of a sudden very nervous. I open the door and walk in. All eyes are on me, the room is quiet, and the teacher asks "Can I help you?" While walking toward his desk, I think to myself, "Yes, you could help me. Tell the students to stop staring and tell them to continue conversing as if I was not there". I hand over my schedule and take my seat. This same situation occurs in all four of my classes. It sucks being the new student.

It is really amazing what kind of questions I got asked. In some of my classes I had the original, "Where are you from", "Do you speak English", and "Why did you move here?" In my other classes I had the most random and out of the ordinary questions. "Do you know what BET is?" "Do they have McDonalds there?" There is no way to avoid these kinds of questions, but at some point you have to think "Wow, they are really clueless about the island". Each time they asked a question you knew they were expecting one answer but it really was the total opposite. Their faces would light up in awe, and their eyes widened as if they had just seen the light. One question after another firing left to right. I enjoyed it. This was a great way to start off a conversation, and it was an easy way to make new friends.

The day has finally come to an end, and it is time to go and look for my bus. As I walk out of the main entrance I notice that there are two busses in each of the five rows. I instantly get irritated. I am supposed to look for this number on all of these busses? It is bad enough the numbers are in the smallest lettering and are placed in the lower left corner. I decide to start on the first left rows of busses. "Okay, this is taking too long." I continue my search and still cannot find my bus. I begin to get worried. I notice that the busses are starting their engines and getting ready to leave. My walking pace has just increased and I am scrounging around looking for that bus number. The first two busses leave. A cold sweat breaks from my forehead as I scream to myself, "Wait don't leave, I haven't seen your number yet!" Aw, crap! I missed the bus again. Once again, here comes mommy to the rescue.

While sitting down at home I recall on how the whole day went. I missed the bus going to school, I answered a million and one questions about my life to people I did not know, and I missed the bus going home. What an experience! It was the first time entering a new school as a transfer student, and it sucked. I can definitely say that it was difficult, I did keep an open mind, and I did experience a mishap or two. I just hope this day does not repeat itself tomorrow.

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