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"The Journey of life," this phrase is often applied to the functions of our daily lives, and our ambitions toward our short, intermediate, and long term goals. Life is habitually affiliated with journey, due to the fact that you never know what is going to happen next, and you need to find a way to reach your destination or goal. However, the journey of life does not require a visible transportation device to reach the destination, such as a car, motorcycle, bicycleВ…motivation, change, guidance and a series of tests is all that's needed. In other words,

When conceptualizing the call to adventure, I concluded that it pertains to the journey of life, through several rationales. When starting off the journey of life, it always begins with a call to adventure. The call to adventure is the point in one's life where everything undergoes a revolution, regardless of the individual knowing. In other words, it is the event that makes us aware of a lack or gap that exists in our lives. A basis for the call to adventure to have similar grounds to that of the journey of life is that, it starts off the journey to someone's life. In the book, The Odyssey, you could find several examples of this hero's quest stage, - "But you, I urge you, think how to drive these suitors from your halls. Come Now, Listen Closely. Take my words to heart. At day breakВ… tell the suitors to scatter, each to his own placeВ… sail in quest of news of your long lost father," (Book 1, line 4). These are the words of the goddess Athena, inspiring prince Telemachus, to find his father and drive away the suitors from his home, or meet his doom. This made Telemachus to become motivated to start a journey in search for information regarding his father. Additionally, the call to adventure sets the stage for your future and how you're going to be like in the future. The Odyssey contains a quote saying -"No one has taken over your loyal rights, not yet. Telemachus still holds your great estates in peace, he attends the public banquets shared with all, the feasts a man of justice should enjoy, for every lord invites him," (Book 11, line 206). Odysseus's mother told Odysseus that his son, Telemachus, is still holding his rights in the hands of the family. This state of Telemachus's life led to his revolution, in maturity and belligerency. Multiple experiences of the call to adventure have played a part in my life. The news of moving into a new home and school, Puberty, and stagnant school performance or report card grades made me change dramatically. Moving into a new home and school made me become more responsible and adherent to the wishes of my parents. Puberty changed the way I look and feel about people, this alteration is an unknowing event in your life unless told so. Sluggish school performance showed me a door to a more serious and less playful side of my life, and made me achieve grades I've never dreamed of.

As for the supernatural aid, it too is composed of the ingredient link to the concept of the Journey of life. The supernatural aid is a guide to someone's journey, when committed to one consciously or unconsciously. A reason for it being similar to the journey of life is the fact that, after being committed to a journey, one must have directions in order to depart in the right direction. For example, in the Odyssey, - "Royal son of Laertes, Odysseus, old campaigner, now it is the time, now tell your son the truth. Hold nothing back, so the two of you can plot the suitors' doom and then set out for town," (Book 16 line 188). Odysseus obtains guidance from the goddess Athena, at the precise moment, to reveal himself to his son. This relates to the journey of life because it allowed Odysseus to continue his plot against the suitors with a larger army behind him. Another reason, for the supernatural aid, for being like the journey of life, is that the aid appeases tough situations in the quest. "So she commanded. He obeyed her, glad at her heart. And Athena handed down her pacts of peace between both sides for all the years to come- the daughter of Zeus whose shield is storm and thunder, yes, but the goddess still kept Mentor's build and voice," (Book 24, line 598). Athena settles the angers between the king and his people, through the use of magic; she makes everyone forget about what happened and persuades them to think Odysseus is their ruler. This helps conclude the journey of life that Odysseus has been going through. There are several forms of this stage that has come about in my life, my parents, and my teachers. When I was born, I was committed to the journey of life, and the directions I follow are the people who take care of me for the most of your life, my parents. Going to school is another journey, it decides for you what you are eventually going to become in the future, and the guidance for me is my teachers.

Like the others, the road of trials, is a disciple in triggering the key concept of the journey of life. I drew out the conclusion of it being like the journey of life, in the fact that it is the point in one's life where they experience hardships through a series of tests, and everybody has to experience that in a journey and their life. A model from The Odyssey phrases how this applied to the life of the characters,-"Many cities of men he saw and learned their minds, many pains he suffered, heartsick on the open sea, fighting to save his life and bring his comrades home," (Book1, Line 4). Athena, states the series of destitutions Odysseus and his men went through, to Telemachus. This is like the journey of life because; this makes the men experience things that will help shape them up in the future. Only if a person can get by this stage, they could reach their state of being or destination. "Odysseus now that you have come to my bronze-floored house, my vaulted roofs, I now you won't be driven off your course, nothing can hold you back- however much you suffered, you'll sail home," (Book 13, Line 1). The great king Alcinous, king of Phaeacians, said that he could as much as possible to make Odysseus arrive at his destination, and by doing so Odysseus finally reaches home, after all he went through. This was linked to the journey of life due to the fact that, there is a point of time at which everyone must go through a series of hardships in order to complete their journey. A couple of examples of the road of trials have been demonstrated in my life. For example, stepping into high school, and playing a sport. Stepping into high school is an example of the road of trails for the fact that, there are a series of tests given out to me in the years that I'm there and I've already failed some of them. Playing basketball is another illustration of the road of trails, because it is an obstacle that I have to go through, getting past defenders to make a bucket, jumping as high as I can to get a rebound, defending my defender as attentively as I can, all this is done for the goal of, making a contribution to the team's win.

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