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Philosophy In Education

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Locke and Rousseau

Locke believed that you must nurture a child to help mold him into a man. Roussueau believed the society was corrupt, and that in order to raise a productive member of society one must leave a child to be free in nature. Locke believed that the education of a child should be done in threw stages. Ironically the last stage of education according to Locke is the actually knowledge obtained through formal education. The first stage for Locke was virtue. In this stage a child is to believe and worship God, and must learn to treat others with love, respect, and dignity. In the second stage Locke seeks to bestow wisdom on a child. To Locke people who processed wisdom were one that could handle their own business affairs and will work to better benefit their family and community. Breeding is the third stage. In this stage a person has the ability to treat others fairly. Finally once the whole shield is introduced and is confident then it is time for formally education. Locke and Rousseau really different in the early years, where Locke believes in nurturing through guidance Rousseau believes in letting a child be free. Rousseau felt that a child should not receive formal education until the age 12. Until the age a child is to grow up in nature with little to no rules. A child is to learn through natural consequences and learn to live in a communal existence with others. Rousseau went so far to say that children should not even have Religion introduced to them unto the age of 15 or even eighteen. Rousseau believed that God made everything good, however man makes it evil. He believes that the self-esteem of a man is an important quality that will create a person that is productive and virtues for society. He believed that a man gained the most self-esteem through natural consequences and making his own decisions.

I have to say that I loved reading about like. I felt like he shared my understanding of teaching the whole child. Making sure that a child grows up with more than academic knowledge is extremely important to me. Rousseau on the other hand I disagree with most of his thoughts. I did not agree with his lack of structure and his lack of introducing Religion into a child life. I completely disagreed with how Rousseau felt that man should be raised to men and women should be raised to learn their roles to please men. I feel that Locke's work is very relevant to today's time, but I do feel that Rousseau is out dated.

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