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Personal Responsibility And The Common Good

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Every individual, in all different kinds of professional sphere, should have personal responsibility for what he or she is doing. Dealing with something in professional manner means that you are responsible first towards yourself and then towards your boss and even towards the society, depending whether these other people are involved directly or indirectly. That makes it a little bit complicated. But, in my opinion, if people take their own dependability and start thinking from the ethical point of view in their business, there should be a common good and the society would be satisfied. There could be a lot of mistakes and obstacles in the course of every business and then comes the ethical part. However every person must have his or hers own principles and obey some rules in their professional career. The individual should build these rules in the course of life, in the course of studies and by experiencing. After you gain some experience through school, part time jobs, internships, I think you are ready to go on step 2. You’ll be able to follow exact orders and be sure the people that are in higher position than you are satisfied with your work. Your supervisor, your manager, boss will give you orders, so that you can follow them and don’t think beyond that point. You’ll be pleased and happy. There won’t be any reason for being worried. The only ethical issue here is to satisfy the boss and be sure that you are acting fairly right towards your manager.

However you’re not going to stop your developing like that. After a while there is a need for stepping forward. Following ones’ orders is not really fun and makes you feel limited. That’s how the human is created. Everyone gains experience through his or hers own faults or through other people’ faults. That’s how we come to the point when a lot of people start looking beyond the position where their boss has told them. It gets even more complicated, because you would be able to think not only how to satisfy your boss. You would be able to see around him and the things he is dealing with. Like every human being, your superiors might be wrong as well. That is going to bring some conflicts and cause something called the “common good” or making sure there is such thing as common good. It is hard to do that. And there would be always slight hitches which would cause ethical issues. Let’s give an example: There is a company dealing with construction. They find a perfect spot, cheap, for building some structure. The expected profit is enormous and the customer is satisfied. You are in charge of inspecting the nature and climate factors for this area. After series of researches and tests you find out that there is some underwater and it might cause slight defect in 50 years, which is not 100% sure. You tell you supervisor or manager about that. But he turns out to be some greedy person who doesn’t care about anything but the profit. So what would you do? Risk your position in the company and tell some of the authorities about that or keep the situation intact? It is difficult to make the things in such a way so that there is a common good. But if you follow some ethical rules and have some personal responsibility for your own deeds, there shouldn’t be any reasons for moral problems.

The last step of your developing in the professional sphere would happen when you reach the point where you can judge yourself and tell what is bad and what is good and know some universal morals. Thus you would be able to solve difficult problems and try to reach what is meant by “common good”. It is difficult indeed. But if it is the last stage of your developing, it doesn’t mean that you’ll reach that level immediately. That is the good thing. Everyone is capable of reaching it. Although there will be always people that care about their own interests and don’t want to reach this final point. That is why the world is not perfect, which is good for me, that is why there is good and bad and there will always be. The world by itself is constantly changing, however some things will remain like they have always been forever. I don’t know if this is good or bad. However one thing is sure – the world still exists, doesn’t’ matter if people in some business areas are ethically strict, if they follow universal morals, or not. And hopefully it would still exist in future. Following ethical and moral issues makes the people, the work and everything else, looks better and less complex and without any serious consequences. Being able to follow certain rules and listening to your good will, would make you feel and live a clean and good life in front of you and in front of God. That would please both of you.

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