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Proposal On Training Supervisors

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It has been brought to my attention that due to the recent downsizing of the company,, and the subsequent layoffs, there are some questions regarding employee reviews and how they are interpreted. I have reevaluated the review process and I feel that the supervisors are not accurately measuring the employees’ performances and need to be trained on the proper ways to complete the company reviews. There are many problems that can arise when a supervisor completes a performance review. In this training proposal, I will outline a few of the problems and make suggestions to correct and implement them.

• Training will start with identifying the supervisors own bias. When the supervisor knows and understands his own bias tendencies, he can make the conscious effort and decision to overcome them. By taking Implicit Association Tests covering various areas of bias (such as age, sex and race), the supervisor can better understand his personal biases and therefore choose to suppress them. By doing this, it will keep the reviews constructive and not allow them to become personal.

• The supervisor will strive to avoid making judgments that can not be backed by specifics. The supervisors will enforce a quarterly review. This will allow both the employee and the supervisor to see areas that need improvement at a more reasonable time. By reviewing these quarterly reviews the supervisor can make a more informed decision at the yearly review. To much time passes between yearly reviews and much is forgotten about the employees’ performance. The quarterly reviews will go into the employees file as a reference point to be used for the yearly review. Multiple reviews give the supervisor a well-rounded picture of the employee.

• Many times the employee believes that he is performing to the expectations of the supervisor when he is not. At the time of the yearly review, the employee will be given a chance to complete a self-evaluation. The supervisor and the employee will then compare the two completed reviews and set achievable goals to be reached in an acceptable time. The employee will then have the choice of meeting and exceeding those goals, or not.

• The supervisors will review the current performance standard and revise it where needed. These standards will be across the board for the entire company. By making these standards achievable, the employee will feel that he has accomplished what the company has set him out to do…SUCEED!

Before we can accurately measure an employees' performance, we need to develop a better system. I’m recommending the supervisors also read “The Performance Appraisal Handbook: Legal & Practical Rules for Managers” by Amy Delpo, Attorney, as part of their training. The book will help explain the legal repercussions that a poorly written performance review can, and have already proven will, jeopardize the company. As we all work together with the new procedures, the possibilities of the company are endless.

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