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Psychology Of Fight Club

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Fight Club is a movie based a man deemed “Jack”. He could be any man in the working class, that lives and ordinary life. The movie starts out giving an overview of his life, which consisted of a repeat of flights and cubicles. He is basically to the point of break when he takes another business flight and meets a man that calls himself Tyler Durdan. They instantly become friends and after an unfortunate explosion in “jack’s” apartment, he moves in with Tyler. One night after last call at a local bar, Jack and Tyler start fighting in the parking lot for no reason other than essentially to feel free and do something other than the norm. Later in the film this bar-back fight turns into a club run by the both of the men, or so it seems. At the apex of the film it is learned that Tyler, even though much drama has gone on seemingly side by side, is a figment of “Jack’s” imagination. “Jack” is very surprised by this because he does not remember being the places where Tyler had visited, but when he visits these places he acknowledged as have been there. In the film “Jack” essentially kills Tyler by blowing his own brains out with a gun, freeing himself. Though as a well versed student of psychology I know this is not a valid treatment for what “Jack” has.

I diagnose “Jack” with Dissociative Identity Disorder or (DID). I deem this acceptable through analysis of the definition of the disorder compared with the movie scenario. DID is when a subject has more than two personalities, which have no interaction with each other. Going further the disorder makes it so that there is time lost when the one or the other personality is dominant. They are also not due to substance abuse or medical condition. Also, in the movie there was a shown interaction, which does not fit the DID criteria. I think “jack” also had schizophrenia. His dilution of Tyler is a lot like what happened in the Beautiful Mind between the man and his roommate. Both men saw each other, had conversation, but neither had any direct contact with the outside world together. There was a quote where Tyler actually said, “tell no one of my existence”, giving “Jack” no ability to express and maybe come to reality. The combination of the two disorders could explain the movies entirety. His insomnia may have triggered his symptoms because on much stress on the brain. Also, it may have been the stress endured at work, or a combo of both. This would be Axis IV on the DSM- IV.

My treatment for this guy is to lock him in an institution and throw away the key. He is a menace to society and an actual danger to all he comes in contact with. This is me, but others seem that he can be treated, by behavioral treatments. Since there is no medicine for this disorder and it is doubtful that schizophrenia medicine would help it, if he was treated for that, behavioral is the only way to go. This would consist of making the person respond to a single name and not respond if the person acts as the other personality. Though some would criticize this for antagonizing of the client, it has been proven to work. Another treatment is clinical hypnosis, which is a treatment of relaxation and concentration to overcome the split in personalities and become one person. As far as treating the schizophrenia is concerned, medicine such as clozapine is administered. This may react negatively with the DID treatment, it would have to be experimented with.

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