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Self-presentation strategies are conscious efforts to shape someone’s perception or impression of you. What does this mean? I think all of us at one time or another has utilized this strategy of self-presentation, going on a job interview, a first date, your first day on a new job, or your first day in school. You want to make a good impression, so you’ll practice what you’ll say, or how you’ll act, or what you’ll wear. All of this ties into self-presentation strategies.

There are two types of self-presentation strategies, strategic and expressive. Strategic self presentation is deliberate efforts to shape other people’s impressions in order to achieve an ulterior goal. Strategic self-presentation is used in business type environments. Expressive self-presentations are usually used in casual settings, such as with family and friends, and are used to convey the important aspects of our self-concepts.

There are seven common self-presentation strategies. The first is self-promotion. This strategy has been used by all of us. If not everyday, then you have at least used this when interviewing for a job. Self-promotion can be defined as an attempt to convey positive information about yourself, either through behavior or telling of one’s positive assets. However, I think when utilizing this strategy, you must be careful not to come off conceited. In order to do this, you must confess a few shortcomings, as well as your good qualities. Something I’m sure all of us have a problem doing. When someone asked me how I am doing in school, I am quick to point out my 4.0 average. However, to some, I’m sure this makes me look a little conceited, so I also try to mention that it isn’t always easy to maintain this average. I do work hard for it.

The second strategy is exemplification. Doing this is designed to bring out assessments of integrity and moral worthiness. However, this can make you seem hypocritical as well. Politicians, who tell you they are moral, yet tell a lie in their next breath, the Reverend Jimmy Swaggert telling you not to sin, while he sins time and time again, and then begs for forgiveness, or managers that tell you to be on time everyday, yet they walk in 15 or 20 minutes late everyday. If you’re going to use this strategy, you have to be willing to make sacrifices to be true to what you are trying to express.

The third strategy is modesty. This is definitely a hard strategy to accomplish, but I think to be a well-rounded person, you need to have modesty. It is a must that you strike the right balance of modesty, too much and you look non-assertive, too little, and you come off arrogant.

Intimidation is another strategy. Intimidation is not a good quality to have in the business world. Being able to intimidate people into doing things makes you a bully, not a leader. However, in certain situations, such as football or boxing, it is imperative to have this. It is also a good idea for parents to utilize this strategy with children to make them listen and respect what you say.

Supplication is a way for people that lack the other skills to exploit that weakness, and depend on others, eliciting sympathy. However, I think this can make you look weak and helpless, and may not always be the best to employ. I guess it works for bums, though. Sitting on the corner with their sign, people give them money or food. I always question that because sometimes they have new clothes or shoes on. Also, I always wonder where they got the marker to make their sign. Those things cost at least a $1.50, which is money they could use for food.

Sandbagging is when people falsely claim to have poorer skills than they actually possess. I guess this is food if you want to get out of doing a certain task. I see people do this everyday at work. I know people do it in competitive sports, but I’m sure people do this in other arenas. Such as their job, or at home, trying to get out of chores.

Ingratiation is the last strategy. It is used to describe behaviors motivated by a desire to be liked. Who hasn’t seen this being utilized? I think we all have that someone at work that we call a suck-up, or a brownnoser. Even when we were in school, you always had that one student that flattered the teacher or brought them apples, or other gifts. We have probably done it ourselves at one time or another. As my grandmother used to tell me, we all have to do a little butt kissing at one time or another.

All of these self-presentation strategies can work for you, but as with anything else, things can go wrong. You can be embarrassed, when trying to come off confident. I think that utilizing these strategies is all well and good, as long as you remain true to yourself, the real you. Don’t put on fronts, and don’t be fake. Be you, because if someone doesn’t like you for who you are, then you don’t want to be involved with that person anyway.

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