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Everything is suffering. Humans define their existence by misery and suffering. The four Noble Truths are all about suffering. Suffering, the origin of suffering, Nibbana, and the Path. The word suffering is utilized throughout all the texts and teachings of Buddhism. Suffering is defined as; to feel pain or distress; sustain loss, injury, harm, or punishment. Buddhist uses a deeper meaning of suffering, which is a change or ultimate unsatisfactory. Even if one is happy they can not be happy forever, so when they are no longer happy they are suffering. Birth, aging, sickness, death is suffering. General unsatisfaction of life. Suffering is an elemental fabric of life. Happiness doesn’t last; Buddhism provides ways of increasing it. Life is ever changing, and change is suffering. Spiritual ignorance causes suffering.

An origination of all this suffering, a connection to ongoing desire, clinging to material possessions this is suffering. Cling to nothing because there is nothing anywhere solid enough to cling to. The Buddhist path aims not only to limit expression of craving, but ultimately to use calm and wisdom to completely uproot it from the psyche. A more than temporary undefiled state of mind is necessary for enlightenment.

Freedom from suffering, the cessation of the unsatisfactory state which everyone is in. Nibbana means extinction of a fire. Nibbana is achieved through the cessation or craving, when there is total non-attachment and letting go. Nibbana is the end of the rebirth cycle, an awakening from suffering. The unconditioned cessation of all unsatisfactory, conditioned phenomena during life or beyond death. Even thought Nibbana is reached consciousness is not non-existent when it stops. Loss of self appears to be part of Nibbana.

As well as the practice of the Noble Eightfold Path. The Eightfold path is eight steps to thinking and acting correct so that enlightenment can be achieved. These paths are as follows; right understanding, right directed thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.

The path to enlightenment is to overcome human characteristics. For instance, fear a basic human instinct that inhibits and protects us. If there is fear there can not be acceptance of the unknown and in not knowing there can be no learning. Temptation, a very powerful vice. Be it sexual, physical, mental or material temptation is all around. To be able to ignore is the ability to have a clear and pure mind. Self-doubt is one of the hardest traits to overcome. Constant doubt of ones adequacy and ability can severely hinder the capability of self-doubt. If one can not love and trust in him then it is impossible for one to love others.

Purification of mind, tolerance peacefulness respect for all life. Through meditation, breathing, and action the mind can be purified. There are two bodies spiritual and physical. To cleanse ones mind of impure thoughts allows the physical body to separate from the spiritual. For there is no person, just a name dependent on hair and body. There is no abiding entity that can be called the self. There are many disagreements on the topic. Some believe in a self and others do not.

There is no permanent self, other wise known as no self. Once a wandering ascetic asked Gotama, if there was a self, he remained silent. So then he was asked, “is there not a self?” Still Gotama said nothing. When the asceitc left. Gotama was asked why he did not respond. He said that if he had said that there was no self then he would be denying something that never existed, silence is choice.

Religion is an awakening up device; it gives one the ability to wake oneself up to the truth. Buddhism gives a one the opportunity to become enlightened. To know the truths and what everything is ment to be. It’s a tool for self-discovery, then a guide post to leaving that self and becoming aware. By using the four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path and understanding can be achieved.

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