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The Effects Of Global Warming

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There are many effects to the global conundrum that is global warming. Global warming will effect water levels worldwide, The average amount of precipitation will change as a result of global warming. It will also effect the lives of many plant life as well as animal life on our earth, with a drastic temperature change throwing the whole world into an unstable time. These are only a few of the many effects seen as result to global warming. But, even though most would contest the bad effects of global warming, there are a few brave individuals speaking of the positive side of a raise in Co2 levels. Over all our world is going through changes, and all these changes whether good our bad can be linked to the epidemic we call Global warming.

With all the different things that actually cause the raise in green house gases, one would think that it would all be looked at generally with frowns. This happens to actually be false; there is a minute percentage of scientists in Russia who would like to point out that with the raise in Co2 there would be a raise in photosynthesis which is good. The idea being that with the raise in plant life photosynthesis humanity will see a raise in food production as much as fifty percent by the year twenty fifty. This effect can be contradicted though by the fact that the world would raise in temperature due to the green house gases of global warming. This effect would kill off many different kinds of plant life, tend to be climate sensitive. The change in temperature can also lead to the rise of more arid areas. A more dry earth would be the more common effect. Another effect that falls under the change in temperature would have to be global migrations and the tearing apart of ecosystems. This has all happened before with the little ice age during what civilization likes to call the dark ages. During this time period animals actually adapted to the change in global temperature by slowly migrating and adapting to what fit, yet this took many years. Many scientist are saying that it will be interesting to see what organisms will do with a change that could take as long as fifty years. This change in the homes of all the animals of the earth would upset the things that could not have moved in time. Even now humanity is seeing a change in the migration of certain animals and bug life like some butterflies. It is going to be a different world we live in the next one hundred years. With the raise in temperature that stems from global warming we can see, a large amount of melting is going on all around the world.

Ice melt will be another detrimental effect on the world of global warming. With the rise in temperature the ice will begin to melt. Glaciers and polar caps will begin to disappear. The spring melting season will change throwing off many different type of species. Trillions of gallons of fresh water will pour into the worlds oceans diluting the salt levels as well as messing with the temperature circulation. That keeps our planet cool in different parts and hot in others. It is projected that sea levels will rise more than three feet in the next fifty years. This will throw off many different things like rivers and shorelines of all sorts. Cities that we have come to love will be gone, like New York, San Francisco, and Portland. Any city that lies on the coast line will no longer be there or people will have to go down the streets in boats instead of cars. This all is effecting humans but with an animal effect humanity will see extinction in the polar bear because with the ice gone and the tundra will be exposed. White, being a very reflective shade, keeps the caps colder. So when they are gone the temperatures are suspected to raise as much as seven degrees in these ecosystems, killing lots if not all living organisms that used to inhibit them. These effects of global warming will lead into more, like the growth in average precipitation in certain areas and the decrease in others.

As a whole, humanity has planned its self around the seasons including normal rains of some seasons and how to prepare for the snowstorms of others. Precipitation is a big deal to us humans. This is why, with the fact that all this fresh water is gushing into the oceans and the raise in temperature, we will see a rise in the water cycle. More water will evaporate into the clouds and at faster rates. This will change the ideas we have about particular climates, basically making it a much less stable environment to live in. The raise in precipitation as an affect of global warming will mess with the hibernation animals of all kinds. It will affect humanity by changing our rain seasons. Making some areas just inhabitable. Depending on where one is on the earth many different things can happen. It is predicted that places like India will get much more rainfall and places like California will get less, making it a more arid place to live.

The effects of global warming on humanity will be very detrimental. The changes will be so unexpected that they will make for a very different environment to live in. People will either find away to the changing environment or try to move to a new home. Large migrations of all different kinds of organisms will take place as a result, whether the effect be as small as a change in sea level all the way to a change in global temperature. The world is changing due to global warming, and the scary part is it will change in our lifetime.

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