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Strategic Managment of the Canberra Hospital


The Canberra Hospital is the primary public medical facility within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and provides health care to Canberra and surrounding regional New South Wales (NSW). The organisational goals for The Canberra Hospital are to provide consumer focused health care which is of the highest quality while making best uses of available resources (The Canberra Hospital 2000).

Analysis of the internal strengths and weaknesses and the environmental opportunities and threats (SWOT) facing The Canberra Hospital allows the organisation to focus on the key drivers of organisational performance. The application of the SWOT analysis enables matching of internal resources to external situation and, applied accurately, has powerful implications for the design of successful strategy (Pearce and Robinson 2000).


Location. The Canberra Hospital is geographically well situated to provide health services for the majority of Canberra and the surrounding regional area. Proximity to transport nodes and services provides the opportunity for extending the reach of the health services provided, in particular, in the area of trauma and emergency services. This provides the opportunity for additional funding from other state and territory governments as well as non-government organisations such as NRMA.

Privately Insured Inpatients. Canberra Hospital has the potential to attract privately insured patients and through this receive additional funding. Promotion of quality and cost effective health care gives the hospital the opportunity to tap into the private health care market and compete for privately insured inpatients.

Non - Government Revenue. The potential for non-government revenue provides the Canberra Hospital with the opportunity to minimise the impact of reducing government funding. Identifying the hospital’s ability to optimise differing revenue streams such as house specialist private facility usage

and providing medical services for private healthcare facilities give the hospital the ability to supplement restrained budgets.

Perception of Care provided. The external perception of the Canberra Hospital as being a provider of high quality accessible healthcare provides the hospital with the opportunity to exploit competitive advantage by attracting interstate and overseas paying customers both government and non-government. Canberra hospital is recognized as providing a high level of service, and in particular trauma and emergency medical

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