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Interview Versus Objective Measurement

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By: Julhusin B. Jalisan


One of the main causes of failure in any research undertaking is the wrong choice of data collection method. While the confidence level can be established, and variability can be computed for estimating probable sampling errors, it is virtually impossible to the same to errors introduced through bias either positively or negatively.

The interview method, although relatively economical, relies heavily upon the willingness of the respondent to cooperate, as well as the skill of the interviewer in asking and interpreting responses.

The objective measurement is the most accurate method when it can be done. But its major limitation is the cost involved in the purchase of measuring equipment, training of personnel, and operation.

In studies where both interview and objective measurement methods are applicable, it is possible to minimize the degree of non-sampling errors by utilizing the data gathered with the latter for validation purposes.

In view of the foregoing, this study aimed to determine whether or not the results of the interview and the objective measurement methods are significantly different.

The researcher adopted a three-stage Stratified Random Sampling Technique with 27 college freshmen students of Villaflores College enrolled in computer subjects during the second semester, school year 2004-2005 as the subjects of investigation. All statistical calculations were done with the use of MegaStat, an add-in feature of Excel (MicroSoft Corporation 2002).

With due considerations to the vital findings of the study, the researcher found out that the data obtained through interview are significantly different from those taken using objective measurement in five out of 100 cases.

The researcher came up with the formula Af = 2 – Xi/Xm, which can be used for the derivation of the adjustment factors for data obtained through interview. Xi and Xm are the mean results of the interview and objective measurement methods, respectively.

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