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Maury Matos 1/14/02

AIM: Find out the mode of inheritance from crossing brown big eyed male and little eyed female, and to find out the fenotype and genotype of offspring. I took the F1 data and crossed it with another group to find the F2 data.

Hypothesis: I think that the red eyes have dominant traits over brown eyes, and big eyes have dominant traits over little eyes. I got to this hypothesis because the F1 data proves that red big eyes are dominant because the offspring have big red eyes then the traits of red eyes and big eyes had to be homozygous dominant.


1. Flies

2. Vials

3. Fly food

4. Ether

5. Q-tip

6. Microscope


1. Gather Materials.

2. Take empty vial and place all the flies in empty vial.

3. Put ether in vial to put them to sleep.

4. When they are asleep put them under a microscope to observe them.


Male Female

Brown big eyes - 0 Brown big eyes - 0

Brown little eyes - 0 Brown little eyes - 0

Red big eyes - 134 Red big eyes - 122

Red little eyes - 0 Red little eyes - 0

AB Ab aB ab

ab aAbB aAbb aabB aabb


Male Female

Brown eyeless – 12.5% Brown eyeless – 12.5%

Brown big eyes – 12.5% Brown big eyes – 12.5%

Red big eyes – 12.5% Red big eyes – 12.5%

Red eyeless – 12.5 % Red eyeless – 12.5%


Male Female

Brown eyeless - 35 Brown big eyes - 33

Brown big eyes - 29 Brown eyeless - 25

Red big eyes - 32 Red big eyes - 26

Red eyeless - 32 Red eyeless - 28

Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct, because I crossed the F1 data and came with the outcome. I guessed that red eyes and big eyes had dominant traits. When flies are crossed they gotta have their parents genes and in this case the parents genes. One parent has to be homozygous dominant and another has to be homozygous recessive. Then that means the F1 offspring have heterozygous dominant traits. I decided to cross the F1 flies with brown eyeless flies. And I guessed that the results would be 12.5% and the outcome came out to prove my prediction.

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