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Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir with the Parks & Recreation

Powered and ran by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Truman Reservoir is the largest flood control reservoir in Missouri, with a storage capacity of more than 5 million acre-feet. Just to give you an idea how much an acre-foot is, it is roughly around 325,000 gal. During periods of flooding, Truman Reservoir, operating in conjunction with other reservoirs helps protect the lower Osage, Missouri and Mississippi River floodplains.

The Truman Power Plant contains six turbine generators. This electrical energy is used to meet peak electrical demands when other power plants cannot fulfill the public’s demand for electrical energy. Around the clock, power plant operators are there to monitor the performance. These people are critical to protecting the Osage and Mississippi River floodplains

The lake and more than 100,000 acres of land surrounding the lake is managed for fish and wildlife. Agricultural leases, controlled burning, food plot establishment, are a few of the land management techniques used at Truman Reservoir. Over 55,000 acres are licensed to the Missouri Department of Conservation for fish and wildlife management.

Recreational development is pretty extensive. Twenty parks and access areas, managed by or leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, are conveniently located around the reservoir. Park areas at Truman Reservoir offer a wide variety of recreation facilities including boat launching ramps, campgrounds, full service marinas, picnic areas, sand swimming beaches, and a regional visitor center.

There are a lot of opportunities available as far as recreation for yourself or the family. The first is fishing which is a favorite amongst all the locals. The best time for fishing is when the dam opens up. It floods the lake with hundreds of huge fish that people only wish they could catch. Fishermen line up along the bank about a half a mile down in hopes to catch the one. Some other recreational activities include: boating, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, picnics, water sports, and wildlife viewing. You can look at the whole park from an observatory center located up on Kaysinger Bluff. You can learn about the park and what it has to offer. Along with what kind of animals that is found around the area. They have telescopes so you can observe the lake more closely or maybe if you are lucky can spy a bald eagle, which has been known the frequent that area a couple of times before. They have hiking trails along the bluff roughly about a ј mile long where you can see things first hand. This is also ran by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and has on-site tour guides.

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