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1984 By George Orwell A Comparison To The World

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1984 Essay

George Orwell had ‘prophesized’ what the world would be like 35 years from his time in the book 1984. The theme of 1984 is more likely to be obedience of the people more than oppression. Even though oppression is suddenly the thought that comes to mind when you think of 1984, the real purpose of the oppression such as on their freedom is for the people to be obedient and to support the party and Big Brother. There is much of oppression of freedom in 1984 in many ways. Some of the forms of oppression are the constant observation of each individual with the use of telescreens, the restricted privileges to life itself to through different ways such as the thoughts that we think, also our view of the party, and how we can have sex. So obedience is the most important theme of 1984.

Obedience and oppression on freedom are the most important themes of 1984 because that is what makes this world so different from our world. And also as mentioned earlier when we think of 1984 we think of oppression. The truth of this is that there is need for oppression so that there may be obedience. The party wants obedience because being obedient to the party means more support for the party, and more support means more power. The party wants power because it just wants it, and likes being in control. There is many forms of oppression in 1984 as explained before. One of the forms was the use of telescreens for surveillance. They can see and hear everything that is in front of them. This is a total obstruction of privacy, and not only are we viewed at home but also everywhere outside, even in public parks. Then there is the strict tolerance of sex. They have lessons that brainwash you into not having sex, once you become a teenager. They don’t let you have sex with someone you like, or to get married with someone if you even both love each other. They don’t allow you to think about anything against the party.

The last statements had shown different forms of oppression in 1984, and the ways that obedience is superior to are: In 1984 they use telescreens which are similar to the present day security cameras to observe the activity of people in a certain area. They observe the people to make sure that the people are obedient and not going against the party. They don’t want people to have sex so that the people may be energetic always, and so that you can be more obedient and help the party even more to have power.

The themes of obedience and oppression are linked to the current day through the fact that almost everywhere we go there are security cameras watching what we do just like telescreens are used in 1984. Even in our school there are cameras in every single corner. Another way in how this connects to the real world is that the patriot act does not allow us to speak our free words, in fact just like big brother can do to us, we can be arrested and held for as long as George Bush wants without charges pressed against us. (Edward Capocy, “Big Brother Is Not Just Watching Us”, Arizona Republic, April 12, 2005) Also the fact that there are caeras everywhere to watch and observe us itself is another major connection, and this ‘Big Brother’ will always watch us and where will it end?(Kate Clements, “House Approves Red-Light Cameras”, The News-Gazette, April 14, 2005)

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