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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Europe Union

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The European Union is a result of an effort to construct a more united Europe. After World War II, Europeans were looking for a way to stop another war as costly as this one that had been. This would have to be done in both the economic aspects and also politically. This would be good for Europe that everyone would get an advantage from this unification and get more dominant as a whole. Now let’s look up advantages and disadvantages of EU.

One of the advantages of the EU is that both the democratic system of the state and also the peace within the countries would be maintained, and there would be an increase in safety. It also makes sure that the democratic processes that have been started by the enlargement of the EU in Central Europe and Eastern Europe will be permanent.

The new policy put out by the EU states that ‘Wider Europe’ would encompass all the countries that have either land or sea borders with the EU 25, must all pledge to work together in a spirit of harmony in order to create a effective zone of prosperity and a ‘friendly neighborhood’ wherein all the countries of the EU enjoy a closeness and a completely peaceful and co-operative sort of relationship with each other. It is hoped that this will be achieved during the upcoming decade, when the EU 25 will become a ‘ring of friends’.

It is even hoped that there will be a certain amount of ‘cultural bonding’ because of the fact that it is now possible for a person to move around freely from one country to another within the member countries of the EU, and find a job in another country, and trade with the other freely. Transfer of goods will become freer, transfer of capital would become freer, services could be offered freely, and the ultimate result would be that of the unification of the economic laws of the EU countries.

Not only equipment but also the efficiency of the money market would be greatly improved, and this would mean that the citizens of these countries would feel more secure and safe and they would enjoy the benefit of healthier job lives. This is because; the higher EU countries would help the lower EU countries.

As it is natural, there have been a few criticisms leveled against the European Union. One reason stated is that within the EU, that each member state has its own financial system and also its own monetary policies. These policies and principles need not necessarily be suitable for all the member states, and this is a great disadvantage as far as the European Monetary Union Council membership is concerned. If for example, the governments of the EU were forced to keep up the Maastricht method of maintaining perpetuity, this would mean that no matter whether the economic condition of the country is poor or rich, they may find it difficult to loosen their fiscal stand under the circumstances, and therefore, they may unable to fight depression.

Language in itself is one of the major barriers to the mobility of the labor force of the EU, and this may eventually lead to the development of several pockets of economically deprived people who find it difficult to find a job, while on another side those who are doing extremely well for themselves in the successful high-wages that result because of the knowledge of the language. The EU has started attempts to bridge these gaps and to increase the economic performances of those who are not doing well, but this is a time and energy consuming process.

To conclude, it must be said that the EU though it demonstrates a few disadvantages, succeeded in bringing about a very real consolidation of European unity, and also of economic stability, especially in those areas where in the past there was none.

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