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Different Sides Of War

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Whether war is our only option to resolving problems in the world or not, there are many reasons why war is equally futile and heroic. All through history, men have been making amends and settling issues through acts of war. This is especially shown true in a book titled The Iliad. Throughout the epic, men of supernatural strength and intelligence prove themselves by battling their enemies. The victors of these battles were thought of as both heroic and brave. On the other hand the casualties of these wars have proven that war really was futile. In either case, one side will always come out victorious and the other equals death. So, is there any cause for war if the ultimate ending is bloodshed and death or should it be savored for it’s historical meaning?

In every war known to man there has always been death, sorrow and loss. Families have wept and men have died. After the war is done, families will be burdened with the death or scars of loved ones. It is very cruel to put anyone through that if it could have been prevented. With the price of one person’s life, war should be thought of as futile and intolerable. Though, even if a man does not loose his life in war, he may have to live with such guilt of failing to come out victorious. I believe that it would be very hard to come home to your family and community and be known as someone who failed in the war of their lifetime. Shame could destroy a man’s reputation, especially when it was so important to others. Another side of war is the time it takes to really begin and end a war. It would be difficult to be parted from loved ones for as long as ten years at a time and not knowing if they would ever make it home.

The Iliad illustrates how stories of war and great battles can be seen as very heroic and important in a man’s life. Many men may look at war as a way of serving his country and a need to show their responsibility. It is also a way of giving up all that you have in order to save the lives of others in exchange for your own. That alone is very heroic. And if death did occur in the war, dying would be an honor and thought of as brave and noble. Men in the Iliad also showed that going to battle was a great way to win back or gain much respect and be given such an honorable name as a “hero”. War has always been fought, and may never cease to end. War is a way men have used to prove themselves physically and mentally in life.

Sense of responsibility, sacrifices, and pride all are ideas of how war could be heroic. Or very differently, death, suffering, and worldwide consequences show why there is a very futile side to war. Though each side has its own arguments, war will most likely never go away and will be something mankind will always have to go through. But in all, there is really no positive out comes in having war in our lives.

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