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The Effects Of Human Cloning

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The Evils of Human Cloning

About a decade ago, Scientist at Roslin Institute from Scotland surprised the entire world when the announced that they have cloned an adult sheep on February 22, 1997, “Dolly”, (Dudley 9). Scientists shocked the world because many believed that it was impossible to produce a clone from a donor cell taken from an adult rather than an, embryo, many resulting embryos had died before (Dudley 11). Dolly was created because, scientist at the Roslin Institute wanted to research on the reliable reproduction of animals genetically modified to produce therapeutic proteins in their milk ( Researchers want to clone humans simply because; scientists believe by the cloning of humans, they believe that they will be able to find many cures to human disease (Dudley 11). Human cloning is banned in the U.S simply because President George W. Bush and his White House staff said, “unequivocally opposed to the cloning of human beings ether for reproduction or for research”, it also stated that “The moral and ethical issues posed by human cloning are profound and can not be ignored in the quest for scientific discovery” ( This made them pass many laws such as, The Human Cloning and Stem Research Act of 2003, which banned all of human cloning a research.

Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of an existing, or previously existing, human being or clone tissue from that individual ( There are different types of human cloning are recombinant DNA technology, or DNA cloning, reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning (Dudley 7). Recombinant DNA technology (DNA Cloning) is the transfer of a DNA fragment of interest from one organism to a self-replicating genetic element such as bacterial plasmid ( Reproductive cloning is a technology used to generate an animal that has the same nuclear DNA as another currently or previously existing animal ( Therapeutic Cloning is,

also called “embryo cloning,” is the production of human embryos for use in research ( ). The reason why cloning should be banned is because it is unethical, people deserve to come into the world in a way that will respect their dignity, a child should be born into this world from a loving union between a husband and a wife, to be loved and accepted as a new and distinct individual not with the forces of science (Dudley 46).

Human cloning is wrong because it is inhumane, clones are considered as distinct individuals, look at the realistic side of cloning; cloning makes a person become a twin to their mother/father which creates confusion in the parentage (Dudley 46). The reason why because, cloning completely changes the cycle of human reproduction from the context of a loving union between men and woman, producing a child with no parents in an ordinary sense, which makes a clone an object, not a distinct individual (Dudley 46). Human cloning is very harmful. It creates many side effects; take Dolly the sheep for example, before scientist put her to sleep she had many diseases such as lung disease, arthritis, her cells also showed signs of premature aging; she developed these traits due to reproductive cloning which created these ailments. This showed that cloning may cause premature illnesses because even thought Dolly was put to sleep, the illness she had were not likeable for a sheep to have until later in her life span (Sheldon), this shows that there may be a possibility that clones could die or may have a severe medical condition in life. Another thing that is abominable about human cloning is for example, a woman clones herself, her daughter soon becomes her sister, and her granddaughter, and this is such an irregular situation because the child may be chastise from their friends, and while the child is growing up the father of the clone may have the same affection that he had towards his wife when they were young because it is the same and exact replica of the mother growing up. Human cloning is also dreadful because say for example, two parents give birth to a child and the child dies at infancy they soon create a clone of that child, as the clone of that child gets older it will soon realize about what they done and soon become dishearten because it know realizes that it is an complete replacement of someone.

Human cloning is very unusual, with human cloning legalized many foreign countries will try to use clones and create an army will that will harm a country; there is a possibility that people will all abuse this technology. People in this society do not need to make a clone; it is completely irrelevant creating clone is allowing an individual to see themselves grow up. Human cloning is so unethical because take reproductive cloning for example, this is when a scientist creates a clone and is able to make the embryo develop in the wound of the making her to become pregnant; life is not suppose to be generated that way, even though some people may have the difficulties of conceiving a child they do not need to take that major step in order to have one, that is why our society has an adoption agency ( People in this society may go through desperate measures in order to have a child; reproduction cloning is not the answers to their problems because first of all human beings are giving birth to themselves. Having a child is suppose to be a miracle because when a person’s baby is born, as it gets older you are going to see some of the traits, physical attributes that it has of you and your mate, cloning it may only have one, this is the whole meaning of creating life to be able to see you child grow and prosper as a new and unique individual. Human Cloning just corrupts the whole transition in this society; it is a drastic invasion of human parenthood, John O’Conner author of Cloning, stated that “A Clone technically has no human parents, not by accident, but by design. This does disrespect both to the dignity of the human procreation of the conjugal union (marriage) (O'Conner 10). O’Conner is right because when people clone they are neglecting the fact of conceiving a child by pregnancy, which makes both of the parents’ are not actual parents. For example, a women clones herself, both of them are not the actual parents, because they did not create that child through a process of sexual intercourse which makes the clone child only have identical traits as the mother but no traits from the father. People do not understand when they clone themselves they are not “having a child but creating child”, because when human beings have children it is suppose to be a gift , while creating a child they are creating something that may be considered as a “thing” because it is not a person (O'Conner 11). People do not understand the term “sexual reproduction” which means the generation of new life, many people who think reproductive cloning is the same sexual reproduction they are wrong; when Reproductive Cloning is when human beings give birth to a clone; while Sexual Reproduction is when a human being are creating new life, a whole new person, who you could love and cherished and see grow and prosper into a unique individual (Marty 17). Human cloning is like generations are completely like each other (Marty 17). People have to realize is if cloning was legalized people would use cloning continuously, and people in one family could be only one individual. A major reason why people clone themselves is because they are trying to fulfill their dreams into their children lives, so by creating a clone they are making themselves fulfill the dreams that they could not have done when they were a child, most parents have hopes for their children, and clone parents have expectations. When Humans clone themselves they are simply creating the genotype of someone who has already lived (Kass 38). Some people who approve of cloning may think that they deserves rights such as the rights to clone, well cloning is not a right it is a task that they are using to reproduce themselves as a child. Leon R. Kass, author of the novel Cloning suggests that the first formal objection to human cloning was because “any attempt to clone a human being would constitute an unethical experiment on the child to be (Kass 38), what Kass means by this is that by cloning a individual they are creating someone who may be chastise by the rest of your life by people who disprove of cloning. One controversial theory of why Human cloning is wrong because when human being clones themselves they are creating a child becomes a “single-parent child” as state in the book Cloning by Leon Kass, he also states that cloning is unethical because you become your child’s sibling (Kass 38).

If our society uses human cloning it will be very hard for law officials to find a culprit who has just robbed a bank, murdered someone just going on a rampage all because this person has the same DNA and, finger prints as the original copy; and while this one person is making profit from individuals, he is not getting caught simply because he is using human cloning as a tool. There are many ludicrous people in this society and with the ability to clone humans they will be able to abuse that technology. Just by cloning an individual does not mean that individual is going to be the same as that original copy all they are making is an identical copy of someone that does not mean that they are going to have the same personality as the original person they may even dislike the clone, which is why cloning an individual is dead and pointless. People need to know that there could be side-effects to cloning first of all it is far too expensive also, the clone may have side effects such as, ageing too fast, and the clone may get sick very often and get a variety of diseases (Anderson 58). People should be able to understand the enjoyment of having a child, having a child is the most delightful experience someone could ever have, and just creating someone that is just as identical as an individual only, but only differs is personality. People have to realize that if they are blessed then they will probably have twins, giving birth has to do with the fate and destiny. Human are suppose to be left alone and not be used as a products and cloning themselves will just make the clone an object not an human being. The major concerns that have to do with the creating a clone all have to do with fear, for example author Martin E. Marty said that “cloning assaults the distinctive genetic individuality of humans in a way that other reproductive technologies cannot do” (Marty 17), what he means is that when someone clones an individual there is something that the clone may not have, another reason is because cloning produces children; this makes such a controversial issue, it makes the clone children have no defined dignity (Marty 17). Human Cloning really means human distinctiveness which means “people are people of divine creation” author Martin Marty stated; this is exactly what clones are human distinctiveness, because a Human Clone is not a person in reality it is a creation (Marty 17). People do not understand that human cloning will cause the deaths of human beings because; cloning causes many deaths due to research on animals, their have been deaths in creating clones such as when they were creating Dolly their was 277 failed attempts and including the deaths of defective clones all in which may happen to humans if research on humans for cloning was conducted (Kilner 14).

In conclusion, some people may say human cloning does not need to be banned because it is not necessarily harmful but, just a task used to conduct research, but by cloning individuals it causes so much conspiracy towards this society. There are many things that make cloning wrong, people that create clones of themselves may abuse their power and cause chaos to this society, by the power to clone it causes people to have the authority do what ever they want, when, and, how they want to do to things in this society. Another issue is that people who approve of human cloning think that cloning may create a new world for citizens; well they are right bringing human cloning in this society will cause a new world for people. The reason why is because, bringing human cloning in this society in a negative way is, this may confuse the minds, of citizens, and the life of people who are the cloned offspring’s of people who have cloned themselves; also, because the people who are clones, may think they are destine to live on this earth as, a replacement or a child to fulfill a prophecy of some individual (Marty 20).

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