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Ethical Awareness Inventory

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Ethical Awareness Inventory

The following paper will examine the ethical inventory for the author. The author will interpret his results from a previously performed ethical awareness inventory and apply them to his personal and professional development. The author will also include a statement explaining how his educational experience has impacted his ethical thinking.

The author took a personal ethics inventory in which he outcome stated that the author bases his ethics “on an individual’s duty or obligation to do what is morally right” (2006, THE WILLIAMS INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS AND MANAGEMENT.)

The author found it difficult to interpret the finding of the ethical inventory. In summary the study indicated that principles must be:

• appropriate under any circumstances

• respectful of human dignity

• committed to promoting individual freedom and autonomy

Human beings must never be treated simply as “means” to the accomplishment of some defined “end.” The end does not justify the means. The author finds this to be an accurate reading of his ethic views.

The author’s ethic perspective coupled with his educational experience has only aided in strengthening his resolve in the importance of ethical behavior. The critical thinking skills garnered by the author while completing his undergraduate degree has only made it more apparent that personal and professional ethics are needed now more then ever. Situations like Enron, World Com and Arthur Andersons demise are just a few examples of how ethical deviations have a huge impact on the world.

The area the author feels that would have the most ethical conflict would be in an unscrupulous work environment. In the past the author worked in various sales positions and was instructed by his employer to bend the truth in the favor of the employer. It was not in the best interest to the author to do this as in the type of sales he worked the author was attempting to create a long and meaningful relationship with his customer base. If the company had a more of an “all is equal” type ethical stance they might have been able to grow some smaller customers into larger ones with trust and integrity.

In conclusion the author believes that it may seem hard to have such a high ethical standard but in the tumultuous business and personal world in which we operate it is imperative that he hold himself and others to this same level of ethics. So many things are considered gray or subjective that it can lead to ambiguity. The author’s educational experience via critical thinking tells him that all individuals can not or will not perform at the ethical level that the author wishes they would. But in the end if the author can do the best he can to walk the walk and talk the talk he is doing all that he can do be the most ethical individual both personally and professionally.

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