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Love - Compare Contrast

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Walking down the street, you notice two kids holding hands, smiling, and embracing the moment. You can tell by their cheery attitudes and shy faces that both of them are in their first relationship. “Aww...aren't they cute?,” older ladies will often say as if the kids have no clue as to what love is but are just imitating what they see. People look down on first relationships as if they are so far below the relationships that are produced with experience. But I disagree. Even though there are differences between the two relationships, your first love is real and raw.

Many people say that a couple in their first relationship does not know what true love is. Yes, the couple doesn't know what they're doing, but because of that, every word they say, every kiss they give, is genuine. In first relationships, the person actually thinks about what to do, what to say. When a boy is nervous with his first girlfriend and says, 'Uhh, your hair looks beautiful today,' he actually has to think about what to say at that moment. He really looks at her and notices her hair looks nice. And you can tell he means it. It sounds fresh; she's the first girl he's said it to. He's not just rattling off the same thing he would say no matter whom was standing in that position. When in their first relationships, people embrace the other individual and put all their effort trying to capture each and every moment.

With those experienced in love and dating, it all comes too easy. Every smile, every comment, every look has been played over and over again so that it's all just an act, a perfectly rehearsed act. Sure, people will feel that spark inside their bodies once they have found a new person to tell their friends about, but what about how they act? People who have already experienced relationships seem to be acting parts of a play. The actor knows exactly what lines to say to what cues. It's a play where the roles remain constant, only the name on the program changes from time to time. The problem is that people who have already experienced a relationship have developed certain expectations, qualities, etc. They have created a mind set that has allowed them to repeat actions that are simply clichй. What we have to try to do is to go back and change this mind set to what we had with our first relationship. Only then can the emotions, actions, and sensations we feel be authentic.

Although both types of relationships differ in numerous ways, love can be felt in couples of either category. People who are experienced can be in love with their significant other just as much as innocent younglings. In both relationships the male is undoubtedly enchanted by her smile, beauty, grace, and elegance. However, it is the way each couple expresses their love that makes each situation different. Many times a girl will get jealous of her ex-boyfriend’s new companion. She sees that the look in her ex’s eyes is exactly the same as the one he used to give her. She notices the way he holds his new girlfriend in the same position and repeats the same sweet lines that used to make her melt. It's like she has found herself on twilight zone and is watching a rerun of her life only with someone else in her place.

The inexperience of people in their first relationship is exactly what makes their love that much more real. The liveliness, animation, and authenticity can never be as strong as the first. With each new person, we have to try to see them as such. When you look into ones eyes, you have to see that person only. When you talk to her, say what you mean, not what you think works. With puppy love or first love, you'll always be the first love, instead of that girl somewhere in between the first and the last. What was her name?

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