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Freydia, a 27 year old drug addicted mother wants to regain custody of her children. Freydia has a documented drug problem and is currently seeking to enter a drug treatment program and regain custody of her children. There are several things that are going to have to happen in order for Freydia to regain custody of her children as she wishes. She will have to enter a drug rehabilitation program, successfully finish the drug treatment program, stay drug free for a period of time, attend job counseling, find and hold a job and attend individual and family counseling for her and her young children.

The first step that Freydia must take is coming to terms with her 4 year addiction to crack cocaine. After she has come to terms with her addiction she will need to enter a drug rehabilitation program in her area. There are many in patient as well as out patient facilities that are well equipped to assist her in the withdrawals and cravings that she will go through as she detunes and her body gets “clean”. There are such places such as Laurel Ridge that provides both the inpatient and outpatient services that she may require. I believe that she would benefit from a program such as “Chemical Dependency Detoxification Program”, this program is a three stage program that begins with a “medical detoxification’, since she is an adult this process may include medication. The second phase of this program that Laurel Ridge offers is “primary detoxification”, in this portion of the detoxification program it involves:

• Introducing/integrating the 12-Steps

• Assessing and meeting psychological needs

• Establishing a referral network

• Helping to overcome the fear and isolation associated with addiction

• Assisting in becoming a productive member of society and the workforce

After the first two steps of the medical detoxification and the primary detoxification they provide a third phase of rehabilitation is relapse prevention. This part of the program supports long term sobriety.

After the final stage of the inpatient treatment I believe that Freydia would benefit from individual as well as family counseling for her, her two children and her mother to meet and come to terms with her addiction. In addition to the family counseling I believe that her children should both undergo individual counseling to alleviate any fears that they may be having about having their mother back and her addiction.

Also, Freydia should have a period of 12 months of drug free testing for any illegal drugs, she also would be required to go to parenting classes to enable her to work with and be a parent to her children. After a successful 12 month period of having a clean drug test, the successful completion of the family and individual counseling and the parenting classes then Freydia would be able to have limited visitation with her children with it increasing as time goes on and as long as she continues to have a negative drug tests and continues to improve.

In addition to her drug, individual and family counseling, I would also suggest that she attend job training or a job counseling facility to assist her in finding a job and placing her into a job that was suitable for her skills or even perhaps training her for a job that will support her and her children.

I believe that with all of the support and training that Freydia will receive that she will be able to resume her life into society and become a productive member of society.


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