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Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

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From Pre School through sixth grade I attended a private school. However in seventh grade I decided to alter to a public school. Meaning I have had experience with both types of schools. Although private schools and public schools have a lot in common, they differ in many ways, such as the following: teachers, dress code, religon, and most of all, the difference of students who attend each school.

Teachers from my private school and teachers in my public school did a great deal of things differently. There is also a big difference in how they act towards their students. In private schools the teachers were sometimes nuns, which was an odd experience. Nonetheless they worked more for their students and made sure everyone in the class room understood what they were teaching. While in the public school I went to, the students are more on their own. The teachers have too many students to worry about individuals. Another big difference between the two is how they teach. In private schools the teachers would usually teach the whole period and then give a lot of homework. While the public school teachers would usually teach for awhile then give work for the rest of the period.

The dress code in the two types of schools had a wide difference. In the private school I attended the students had to wear a uniform. The boys wore dark blue pants with a white polo. While the girls wore a blue skirt and a white blouse. In my public school students can wear their everyday clothes, with a few exceptions. As long as there is no holes in the jeans, inapproriate words or pictures, and no underwear showing. Having to wear a uniform was one of my main reasons of changing to a public school.

Another difference between the two is that in public schools you cannot worship God. In private schools we would all say a prayer in the morning and a prayer before lunch. We would also go to church on Tuesdays and Fridays. We also studied religon and the bible. In public schools the students miss out on all of that.

The biggest difference I think between the schools are the students who attend each school. In the private school I went to everyone knew each other and got along. In the public school I go to, I hardly know everyone in my classes, let alone everyone in the whole school. The student's attitudes are also completely different and no one gets along with each other. There also seems to be many more conflicts in public schools, these include: fights, arguments, bullying and gossip. In private schools these things rarely happened.

All in all, in my personal opinion I prefer public schools over private. However it seems that you are more likely to receive a better education from a private school. However it makes sence, since you have to pay a lot more to attend one. Although the schools are very similar they differ greatly; teachers, dress code, religon, and students.

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