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Darfur Where should we start to look for the historical roots of this latest of Sudan’s wars? Between 1881and 1885 Sudan was ruled by a boat-builder from Aba Island in Darfur. Proclaimed as the Mahdi, he was a legendry Islamic scholar and brilliant mil ...

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U.S. should not intervene Sudan, because current Sudan situation is similar to the Iraq situation. The criminal invasion and massive bombing of Iraq caused the destruction of its infrastructure that left the people without water or basic electricity, and ...

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Divestment in Darfur is one of the most cruel, viscous crimes I have ever heard of. How is it that so many companies can give money to fund weapons for genocide? How come there are so many countries that don’t try to put a stop to it? To many peo ...

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Solutions in Darfur Lush natural surroundings, a flourishing community, and a humbled people, all burned to ashes in an instant. To know Darfur, Sudan before the rebel Janjaweed clan took over, was to know the heart of Africa. Her 6 million people wer ...

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Darfur Genocide

As CNN reports "...the commission said it does not believe the atrocities committed amount to a policy of genocide...." ("U.N. report: Darfur not genocide"). Throughout history genocides have occurred beneath our noses. Nothing dramatic has been done to s ...

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Darfur Rape

A scar of war; a painful reminder, which will never go away. A bullet wound, lose of hearing in an ear, or loose of a family member. In Darfur today people are wounded in all sorts of ways. For tribal Darfurian women, they now have one of the worst scars ...

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Dark Tourism

Response: Intimations of Dark Tourism The study of dark tourism by Foley and Lennon displays a significant amount of research and examples. In pointing out the vast number of dark tourist sites, worldwide, the two authors validate the importance of ...

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Das Foederative System Der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Dekra Medienakademie Studiengang: Business Management Modul: Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Dozent: Dr. O. Kos Das föderative System der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Ariane Redder Januar 2007 Inhaltsverzeic ...

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Date Rape

Date Rape: Who’s fault is it really? In a perfect world, all men would be loving, respectful, and protective. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Every woman must be informed and well-equipped to recognize and protect herself against men who t ...

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Date Rape Or Drunk Sex?

“Women charge that date rape is the hidden crime; men complain it is hard to prevent a crime they can't define. Women say it isn't taken seriously; men say it is a concept invented by women who like to tease but not take the consequences” (Gibbs ...

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