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Teenagers And Drugs In High Schools

Drug use is an increasing problem among teenagers in today's high schools. Most drug use begins in the teenage years, these years are the most crucial in the maturing process. During these years adolescents are faced with the difficult tasks of discoverin ...

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Teenagers Should Not Undergo Plastic Surgery

Teenagers Should Not Undergo Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Nowadays it seems that we live in an image-obsessed society where people are solely judged on their physical appearance. Everyone seems to be obsessed with the Hollywood celebrity style image. By s ...

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Elise Liveringhouse Grier 1 5-1-06 Respect and Teenagers At this day and age, teenagers have less respect for themselves and others. Times have changed tremendously and now teens think that it is acceptable to talk, act, and dress how they do. T ...

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Teens And Birth Control

Should Teenagers Have Access To Birth Control? Over time, the issue of whether or not teens should have access to birth control has been debated. Parents, teachers, church groups, doctors, and even the government have all had a say in the discussion ...

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Teens And Prescription Drugs

Teens and Prescription Drugs: Availability, Accessibility, and Abuse Jamila Gambrell Tiffin University Abstract The misuse of prescription drugs by teens in the United States is a growing public health problem. This article provides a systematic sy ...

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Teens And Sex

Today teens don’t wait to here the risk. They think sex is the cool thing to do today. Teens are surrounded by the images and think its okay. Teens should be aware of the facts about sex and the risks with teen sex that could ruin a young person’s ...

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Teens And Steroids: Is It Bad To Be Buff?

Anabolic steroid use in teenagers is on the rise. Struggling with schoolwork and attending extra-curricular activities are merely a couple of reasons why teens turn to drugs. When my 16-year-old son started lifting weights and taking supplements one drug ...

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Teens' Choice To Drink

Article Summery Beyond Invulnerability: The Importance of Benefits in Adolescents’ Decision to Drink Alcohol Introduction: Many things affect the choice of an adolescent to drink alcohol. It is thought that this particular age group thinks that they ...

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Teens' Decreasing Morality

Nowadays everything is changing and developing in an incredible speed.More and more scientific achievements are made. More and more modern technologies are used,…That certainly affects our life so much. The more modern technologies are, the more easi ...

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TeenЎ¦S Hands On The Wheel

For teenagers in the United States, their sixteenth birthday makes the day when they are able to start driving. On the other hand, for their parents, who often start worrying whether their son or daughter may be involved in a car accident, it is a day of ...

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