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1) What is Common Sense?

common sense


Sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge; native good judgment.


So bascily it means you have the ability to make a good call. Place hand on hot stove? Well thats common sense.

2) Brain verse Software

So you have a cracker made by someone that knows what they are doing. That makes you Mr. Know-it-all right? WRONG. Big time no-no. As a programmer I’m glad they want to share with you but frankly you still know nothing but how to push a button and load a file. This does not make you “l33t”.

Now by gaining information about the account you want to attempt cracking then making a small wordlist containing what you believe will have the correct passcode in it and then running it threw your own cracker, manually, or someone elses is a BIG improvement.

Yes the best damn cracker known to man is someones mind. If you think “someones mind” is a program that you can download please close this file now and may god have merce on us all.

So if this file is still open then I suggest poppin’ the top off the two liter of mountain dew and conutine reading.

3) Research

During my time I have come across an interesting theory. When people

of the net choice a password it is one that will not likey be guessed.

Most passwords can be found in common password list among the net.

Yet why spend hours running a password list of 100,000 words when you

could own the account with in 10 or 100 passwords?

So whats the key to making this work? PUBLIC MEMBER PROFILES!

People of the net take time and effort in making their password safe. Yet

something they can still remember. Then after you have an account whats

the point unless other people know its you on that screename. Profile editing time. So you fill out a few input queryies and update your profile.

How does that tell me their password? Well allow me to show a few examples

Real Name: Bob

okay well bob's password was "bobby"

Lastest News: Playing fetch with my black lab

okay well the password was "blacklab"

Username: ----5576

Okay well I replaced the name with dashes but left the numbers his password was “5576”

As you can see these people have gone and placed their

password for all

to see with out even knowing it. The above examples are true I did not

include the screen names to spare those peoples moronic minds.

Okay so your saying to yourself "all this profile has is sex of the user"

Well thats great but does it have an email? Okay if so go open ICQ and do

an "ICQ Whitepages Search" for that email maybe there is a profile in there.

Also the good thing about ICQ is a lot

of people fill out the information CORRECTLY! Yes even some of the "best" programmers and "hackers" fill out

ICQ forms correctly. I'll spare the name of this programmer which I info cracked but his information was all there "UK, 3/24/1984" and yes it worked.

Also check for homepages. Those are great even if it has little information about them.

Good tip is finding the State and City they live in. Then go to and do a “Find ZipCode” search. Password could be the zipcode. If they have a girlfriend password could simply be her name maybe even some ascii then her name.

Example: Jessica, jessica, ~!@jessica@!~

Brain hurt yet? Gooooood!

4) Crackin’ It

So you have sent all this time, cough ten minutes cough, and now you want to crack that son of a bitch.

Open notepad.exe which comes with every standard windows.

Type a word that could be the passcode and hit enter and type another.

Remember it could be in caps or every other letter could be caped so try those also.

HAVE FUN MY YOUNG ONE. With this simple common sense

method it takes less time to own a name and when you finally do crack the name you enjoy it more trust me.

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