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Information Systems Application Exercise

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The evaluated sites stated herein seemingly demonstrate programs, analysis and visual conferences of awareness, accessibility, and potential opportunities for instructing information to interested users and methodologies within an organization. These sites are focused on acquiring customers to either view or participate in seminars/conferences (virtual and reality) of how to establish means of management to correlate with Information Systems.

Issues stressed include, network security that is always a concern with organizations and their systems; complexity of using and developing websites, and devising management schemes (developing a plan of action) to administer timely results within production.

The first observed website is the “SANS Institute.” This company offers programmers and network operators incentives and training on how to protect their investment. (Electronically!) With systems being compromised in today’s virtual world, it is imperative that network administrators introduce methods to detour entrapment from their private operating systems. The SANS products and scheduled conferences offer security training to professionals to help them better their investment. Certificates, along with state of the art training will help companies and businesses alike to eliminate themselves from being vulnerable from the cyber world.

The second site “” also has effective training for corporations to use their private networks and websites for presenting and improving their image, such as for advertising. Though this site is a bit confusing, I’m seeing a calling for businesses to gather ideas about websites to improve user ability and attractiveness. This is important in the aspect of obtaining accumulation of awareness, and interest for a company’s website.

Finally, the third site “” is geared at the development and usage of one’s website or program used in business relations. This site builds on management training and perception of how to implement and operate business procedures utilizing deciding factors followed by steps outlined by the hosts preference and experience. Sure, when dealing with a network and trying to develop a plan that is beneficial towards employee morale and convenience is always acceptable, yet again extensive time and adaptability are always in the mix of rehearsal.

From the observed analysis of viewing these websites, I have determined that careful steps must be researched when devising and/or operating a network or implementing software for employee accommodations. In my present position with the Health Department, I have a friend “co-worker” whom is the supervisor of the IS division for the City. Although we are friends, he tends to remain in secrecy about certain chains of command within his position. I’m sure security issues are among top priority for this behavior and I now understand the reasoning behind this and why.

If I were to attend training from any of the websites listed, I’m sure to obtain important information that would help me conduct my electronic etiquette further. Any information would help with my current position and future career. Why, because Information Technology is becoming dependent on in today’s workforce. Businesses use computers and electronics today to increase production and eliminate physical activity “not always good” in order for their business to become more successful.


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