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Telecommunications Structure Of My Workplace

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I am currently employed with the IT Department inside the corporate headquarters for 24 Hour Fitness. The telecommunications systems used in my workplace is pretty complex. 24 Hour Fitness is located here in Carlsbad, California. We have three buildings; the main one is our Corporate Administration Center (CAC), which houses our call centers. The other two buildings holds our main I.T. departments (Developers and our Network Operations Center (NOC)), with the exception of our Helpdesk and Telecom department (located in CAC). The I.T. department is responsible for making sure all our fitness clubs (about 500 of them) and our regional offices, along with corporate offices will be able to communicate seamlessly.

To start with, the provider that we use is MCI. Coming in to our main headquarters is a T-3 line (dedicated phone connection supporting data rates of about 43 Mbps), divided in to three primary trunks. The three primary trunks are divided as Local (two T-1), Long Distance (two T-1), and a separate trunk for our collections center (five T-1). Two of our buildings (CAC and NOC) have two dedicated T-1 lines between them and within our NOC; an OC12 (short for Optical Carrier, speed = 622.08 Mbps) is used to guarantee communication to our clubs, field users, and our numerous regional offices.

The telecom systems in my workplace are pretty extensive as described by Melody Sanchez, our Telecom/Helpdesk Manager. Located in the CAC building is a Definity G3si phone switch, which is pretty much the central host for our telecom system. The Definity G3 switch has routing tables, redundancy for failure recovery, local vectoring, and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) are among the features of this amazing machine. For our voicemail system we have an Intuity AudixR4, which automatically erases any voicemails older than 14 days and 45 second maximum time to record a message. For conferencing we have an Avaya 48 port Multilink Conference Bridge, which has two T-1 dedicated lines and according to Melody additional ports are to be added due to its massive use. We also have a Call Accounting System, in a way serves as a buffer box so that every single call reports in and out can be pulled (about two months worth). To properly utilize our call centers, we use the Avaya Call Management System (CMS). The CMS resides in a UNIX box, it is an actual database system so that it collects raw data and in turn used to plan and staff our call centers accordingly. Also, we have our very expensive Melita Predictive Dialer, worth at about half a million dollars. This system is used for our collections call center, it has a five to one connect ensure that there are flows of calls coming in to the collecting agents. It also uses Computer Integrated Telephony (CTI) between agent and dialer, it continuously looks at the status of ACD group and every 20 minutes it recalculates its algorithms so that it knows when to dial.

At the other building where our NOC resides is a Prologics Switch (child switch), basically talks to the main switch in CAC by point to point (PTP) on a T-1 line. For redundancy there is a T-1 line dedicated to our NOC in case of failures.

24 Hour Fitness is still a growing company and continues to explore new technologies so that efficiency and productivity of the company will be maximized. With the current setup as well, we are able to handle growth within the corporate office for the next five years. This is as long as we continue to grow in a linear fashion. There have been discussions of going to Voice Over IP as our method of telecommunications, but at the moment, the cost further outweighs the benefits of the implementation.

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