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The Abolition Of Homework

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Autor: anton 01 January 2011

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High school is supposed to be a great experience to meet new people and create memories with loved ones. But it is hard to create those fun-filled moments when I hear the phrase, "Sorry, I cant. I have too much homework." I can't begin to count the endless nights of papers and math problems. Teachers are forcing teens to do excruciating hours of homework, so they won't get the dreaded "zero" in the morning. There needs to be some rethinking about homework at school. Negative consequences follow the work that is brought home from school. Homework needs to be abolished because it causes stress, time consumption, and sleep deprivation for high school students.

High school can be a scary and stressful place for teens. They are just beginning to have more freedom and harder academic classes compared to middle school. Just when they think it can't get any better, the teachers assign unfeasible homework. I am talking numerous hours per night, every night. Having homework from multiple classes is a formula for stress. The stress causes moodiness for teens by creating irritable like symptoms. Teens can get snappy when they are under stress. The most likely victims for these outbursts would be the parents. Homework causes friction between parents and teens. Stress can provoke arguments between parents and their children. Considering that most parents can't remember the information they learned in high school, teens are left foraging on their own for the answers to their homework. This is stressful considering the child does not know what to do in the first place. I think having no homework would greatly improve the amount of stress on high school teens. I have spent many weeks stressing about English papers, and packets due in my classes. I also think that having no homework would diminish the stress left on the teachers. They would not have to grade any homework. Since the teachers would have no stress, they would be in a better mood for the students in their classrooms. There is nothing worse than having a class with a teacher that is in a bad mood. Teachers need to realize that assigning homework causes stress, and makes students less likely to complete the assignments. Another factor of stress is the amount of time it takes to complete the assignment.

A main problem for students to complete their homework seems to be the amount of free time they have. I have after school activities like dance and piano, so it's hard for me to have any time to complete my work. I often have to skip or miss practices because I have so much work to do. Homework should not interfere with teens' extracurricular activities. Teachers tend to assign a few assignments that take a student many hours to even partially complete. Homework also takes time away from family activities. I have missed plenty of family dinners because I was upstairs typing furiously on the computer. Teens stay up late at night and work on homework because they don't have time to do it during the day. Teachers should realize that our lives do not always revolve around school. When multiple teachers assign homework , then teens have to cancel all of their plans for the day because of the workload.

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