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The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

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Autor: anton 07 March 2011

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This essay is on the causes and effects of global warming. How will this affect the world? Will we be ready for when this happens and how will we prepare for this? All these questions will be answered in this essay.

The causes of global warming are said to be the �human race’ in general. There are many arguments of what the true causes of global warming really are. The other main cause that is being discussed is all the carbon emissions from all of the factories and manufacturing plants. The reason why we are concerned is because the temperature is supposable changing rapidly. This is said to be the highest temperature we have seen since thousands of years ago. The other thing that is thought to produce the extreme temperature changes is the greenhouse gasses. These are made up of carbon dioxide which is the number one cause for the raise in temperature.

Everyone fears the effects of global warming on the earth. The main effects that are feared to happen are the melting of the glaciers and the drying of the rain forest. The melting of the glaciers would raze the ocean so much that it would put five miles from the shore under water. There would be less rainfall in numerous places with the result of the deaths of many crops. Storms would become more frequent. The types of storms would include hurricanes and tornadoes of immense power. The extreme changes in the weather and environment would put a lot of species into extinction. The human race would even have trouble surviving.

We will be ready for this when it happens because we are putting a lot of our tax money into finding ways to avoid the effects of global warming and the secrets to stopping it. We are already changing our fuel to ethanol. This is a clean burning fuel and will not contribute to the greenhouse gasses. We are also using more solar panels to use more raw energy rather than taking it straight from the earth.

My conclusion is that if global warming does happen then we have to learn to survive, because life on earth will be completely different from the life we have now. We need to learn how to avoid the effects of global warming by knowing exactly how the earth balances its self out.

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