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Compare And Contrast Crime And Terrorism

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Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism 1

Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism

Deneen M Pratt

Axia College of University Of Phoenix

ADJ 215 Criminology

Deanna Lindsey

December 9, 2007

Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism 2

The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia were formed in April 1997 as an umbrella

paramilitary federation led by Peasant Self-Defense Forces of Cordoba and Uraba (ACCU) that

sought to consolidate many local and regional paramilitary groups in Colombia, each intending

to protect different local economic, social and political interests by fighting insurgents in their

areas. AUC itself previously estimated that it had authority over most of the paramilitary forces

within Colombia, with the remainder being independent or splinter factions. It is estimated that

It has more than 20,000 militants. The AUC is considered to be a terrorist organization by

multiple countries and organizations, including the United States[1] and the European Union.

The AUC claimed as primary objective to protect its sponsors and its supporters from

insurgents and their activities, including kidnapping, murder and extortion, because the

Colombian state has historically failed to do so. The AUC asserted itself as a regional and

national counter -insurgent force. By having the government begun talks with the groups with

the aim to eventually dismantle the organization and reintegrate its member to society. I would

have a draft law was presented to the public which offered to pardon the members of any illegal

armed group (which would legally include both guerrillas and paramilitaries) that declared a

cease- fired and entered talks with the government , in return for, mainly, their verified

demobilization, concentration within a specific geographic area and the symbolic reparation

of the offenses committed against the victims of their actions.

The motivation of terrorists differ from the motivation of other violent criminal is a terrorist

think of 5 things , the victims, the targets, the intent, the means, and last the motivation .

A terrorist usually specified as civilians or non-combatant the targets the person who are the

Victims of terrorism are merely its direct target. Then you have the Intent: of terrorism is either

Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism 3

to intimidate or coerce a civilian population that is, spread fear widely for its own sake: or

coercively influence or manipulate the conduct or policy of one or more government.

The means of terrorism involves violence or the threats of violence against person or

property. And the last on is Motivation is not usually a formal element of a crime, some

Definitions of terrorism specify that its act are "politically" motivated " The term politically" is

used in these contexts as an umbrella for a range of justifications, including ideological,

religious, and nationalistic ones.

The environment in which one is reared determines their perspective on life and shapes the

Principles by which they live. If, let's say you grow up in a country that constantly says the

western world is evil and this is fed to you in schools as well as through the media -- more likely

than not it is what you would believe. It is not difficult comprehending how a distorted view

the world leads people to terrorism . Peer pressure also comes into play in the city where there

are gangs-- and to be considered anybody you must prove yourself to these kinds of people. The

odds are a situation like this will lead to crime.

These people are not born a terrorist or criminal. You have to separate people. A terrorist

is willing to die for their cause being indoctrinated from childhood into thinking a country or

group of people are evil and want only to blast them from the face of the earth. A criminal

enjoys the pleasure of hurting others whether it is killing, stealing, anything dangerous to society.

Some of the most notorious criminal have come from very affluent families. Why did they

become evil, hurtful people? They had criminal minds, only a psychiatrist could answer.

Terrorists come from very poor as well as very affluent families . They are formed with a

Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism 4

a political agenda where as criminals have no agenda but to hurt others. Most of the people

Who become terrorists are taught the same thing for their entire life. They actually think they are

doing the right thing simply because of their regligion or culture. Every one is not born to be a

terrorist or criminial it all depends on their environment and what they hold to be true . It deals

with their level of morale and conscience. Any system , whether it is political , social or

Economy, invariably, they are not foolproof because these are man made. Man is not absolute

and hence whatever system he is making is also like him. Hence any system, which is not

absolute, is bound to have its byproducts. The rule makers in the above (both pertpetrators and

states) don't have open and fair mind to discuss the issue of terrorism. We are thinking of

mosquitoes and ignore gutter. Please observe the authorities who are indulging in terrorism and

those who are claiming to make war against terrorism.

Negative social influence В…social exclusionВ…povertyВ…social status and social

disadvantageВ…lack of education and oppurtunities could lead one to the life of crime or

terrorism. One thing that is important to acknowledge when speaking of terrorism is the

important of symbolism. Every terrorist act is designed to convey a specific message. The

Attack on the world trade center was designed to weaken our confidence in american economy.

The attack in Washington D.C. was intened to hit the Pentagon or capital building was

intened to weaken our confidence in government security. Even randomly seeming terrorist acts

are conveying a specific message, We can get you anywhere , at any time. There is no one to

protect you. It is discovery that terrorists and non-terrorist are not as different as originally

thought that is so unnerving to non-terrorists (the "us") . It is difficult for most people to accept

that they could, that anyone could, hypothetically, commit mass genocide or use commerical jets

Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism 5

as missiles. Rather we have to face the fact that normal people can be terrorist, that we ourselves

are capable of terrorist acts under some circumstances"

Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism 6


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