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Autor: anton 06 March 2011

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Since I was young, I have striven to achieve my goals; I call it a "determination to succeed." Without a "determination to succeed," giving up in life, when a situation seems impossible to overcome, becomes second nature. The methods one uses to overcome the challenges faced in life affects how one acquires success. For example, my ancestors did not overcome their struggle for equality without self-determination to better their lives. Thus, their lives have been an inspiration for me. The motivation to excel, though sometimes forgotten in my generation, is a quality that needs nourishment.

My "determination to succeed" in high school has opened many doors for me. Taking advantage of all opportunities, I stepped through each one, including over achieving in extracurricular activities. Committing myself to achieve in each activity has shown me success that I hope to duplicate college and beyond. Wanting to succeed has never been an issue.

When I recall my first band audition, which was a disgrace, I pushed myself to become a better clarinet player. I came from last chair out of thirty clarinet players my freshman year to second chair my senior year, and I still thrive to master my instrument past high school.

My untiring involvement in Med Club has also provided me many experiences that changed my prospective and fueled my motivation to succeed in life. I have had two internships at Wake Medical Center. I was one of six students who enrolled to take a Medical Lab Technologist course at Wake Tech Community College, for first time it was offered to high school students in Wake County. I also attended the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF) in New Orleans. Only a select few from each state in the US can attend NYLF.

Gaining vast knowledge from each program, I learned that to become a Forensic Pathologist I do not have to major in pre-med but rather in something of interest to me. At that moment, I was determined to major in music. It seemed the perfect way to join my passion for music with my passion for medicine. From treating patients during my internship, I have learned how music therapy can affect the recovery process. I know my "determination to succeed" will help me to further explore these passions.

My most memorable experiences in life would never have crossed my path without the proper frame of mind. I will never take these experiences for granted and never cease my "determination to succeed," a determination that I want to bring to the legacy of Howard University.

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