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Differences Between North And South

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Autor: anton 10 December 2010

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Both New England and Chesapeake regions were settled by people of English origin, however, each region evolved into two separate societies. This development difference occurred because of at least three reasons, which are religious, social and economical. These differences would lead to disputes between North and South that would take place for years.

Religiously the two regions were on almost opposite ends of the spectrum. The North, according to document D, made God the center of their government. This led to everybody in the colony having good morals and set on living an honest, religious life. The South, however, had no such intentions when its colonies were formed. Document F tells us that the people of Virginia’s only god was gold. They had no interest in living for Christ or any other deity for that matter. This would lead to corrupt leaders who only took the colonies further down the path of sin. Those are some ways in which religion, or lack thereof played a major part in the development of both regions.

Another factor was the way both regions developed socially. Document A shows that John Winthrop, the governor of Massachusetts, was leading the colony to be acceptant of diversity. He led the people to delight in their differences and to work together for a common good. This is the complete opposite of what was happening in the South. Document F and G both say that the men only cared about themselves and would desert their colony if it meant their own personal gain. Another difference socially was the population itself. The north consisted of mainly families with children of all ages. This would lead them to develop in a more cautious way for they need to look out for not only them but their families as well. The South, on the other hand, consisted of single men. There was a very small amount of women and children. This can be translated into fighting between men for women, and men only looking out for themselves. Socially, that is how the two regions developed differently.

One last way that both North and South differed in development is economical. Document E clearly shows that the North wanted to regulate wages and prices to prevent anyone from price gauging to “get rich quick”. They would set these prices annually to keep up with the changing times. This shows that the North cared about its people and wanted to have a fair chance for all to achieve economic success. The South, although, had no such regulation. Document F states “The rest of us patiently obeyed our vile commanders and bought our provisions at fifteen times the value...”. This is exploitation in its purest form and would lead to many not being able to survive for lack of goods. That is one way the North and South developed differently economically.

Throughout all of the former examples listed, it can be seen that both North and South differed in many ways in their development. The North, it seems, took the religious and moral path, while the south took the path which lacks either trait. The main development differences can be divided into three basic categories which are religious, social and economical. It was because of these differences that two regions which came from the same place, bearing the same people, ended up almost two separate countries.

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