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The Effect Of The Atomic Bomb On The World

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Autor: anton 12 July 2010

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On August 6, 1945 the Enola Gay carried the very first atomic bomb. It was to be dropped on the city of Hiroshima, where 140,000 people perished. The hope of immediate surrender did not happen. So on August 9, 1945 three days later the second atomic bomb was dropped in another attempte for Japanese surrender on Nagasaki. It was over; the struggle from the Japanese was ended. But was it justified? Did we need to kill 210,000 people in a single decision? It seems that the atomic bomb is an ongoing problem in world wide affairs.

Some people believe the atomic bomb, caused the Cold War, Atomic Arms Race, and the current war on disarming Sadaam Hussein. Just think about it, was the Cold War inevitable? The Cold War bought a time of terror. It came down to who had the bigger weapons, and who would use them first. The United States knows the destruction an atomic bomb is capable of,that's we're stopping Sadaam from making the same mistake that we did. But did we make a mistake? The atomic bomb did end the war in the Pacific, and some believe it saved more lives than it cost.

The atomic bomb killed 210,000 people. The effect of the atomic bomb was not just the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also the physical damage it did. The atomic bomb resulted in three types of effects, blast, thermal radiation, and nuclear radiation. The blast of the atomic bomb is similar to that of a conventional explosive but more intense. Thermal radiation, which results from the extremely high temperatures created by an atomic bomb, caused serious burns on exposed parts of the body and may ignite fires over a wide radius. Nuclear radiation, which results from the neutrons and gamma rays associated with fission, causes death and injury as a result of damage to living tissue.

Since the attack on Nagasaki in 1945, there has been an international understanding that nuclear weapons would remain weapons of last resort. There was also an understanding that a nuclear weapons country would never use such a weapon against a non-nuclear weapons country. The world became a much more dangerous place in terms of the extent of nuclear weapon in states. The truth is the nuclear weapons have hurt the United States economy. Today, the United States has to pay for the destruction of two cites, and all the war dues.

But by using the atomic bomb the United States has won the privilege of being the world's supper power, but you need to realize all the work, lives and time it took to achieve this honor. Buy doing this paper I tried to show each view of the use of the atomic bomb. You ether for the use for the atomic bomb and thought it was moral and saved lives by ending the war or believed it killed more than "it would of saved" and there were other alternatives.

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