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Freedom Is Not Free

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Autor: anton 05 March 2011

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Freedom is Not Free

The U.S. is the strongest, most respected, and most powerful country since the

beginning of governments. We have been attacked and we have attacked, and we come

out the winner. Governments have come and gone, but not the United States of

America’s government, it just keeps getting stronger everyday. Our government is this

strong and remained like this because of the fallen heroes of our great country.

Even before the United States was created, people tried to take over the

vulnerable government and push the U.S. out of the picture. In 1776, our most powerful

men instituted the drafting of the constitution because colonists like George Washington

wanted their freedom from Britain. The American Revolution resulted from the colonists

wants and needs, standing down to no one, and fighting battles all across this great piece

of land we call America. Men lost their lives and many women were widowed because

these men stood up and fought for their freedom. At the end of the war, President

Washington returned to Virginia where he was unanimously elected our first official

president. He set the stage for the next 43 presidents of the United States to stand up

as the commander in chief and uphold the promise to defend this land and its constitution

by battling the opposition. If the U.S. did not go to war with Britain in the late 1700’s,

where would we be today? What might this country be called instead, the United States

of Britain?

The war of 1812 was with the British again. The British were very persistent in

their efforts to regain control of the U.S. while taking 10,000 American residents to

work on their ships. The American military lost 11,300 (

fighting the Brits off once again ending in the establishment of Canada. If the Americans

did not stand up for their freedom, the Britain’s would have barreled over them and taken

control, resulting in the end of America and no creation of Canada. Some 57 years after

ridding of the Brits, there was a very bloody battle, the Civil War. This war resulted with

620,000 Americans dead, and the 13th amendment. ( Would slavery

still be in effect if this war did not happen? Would Martin Luther King Jr. ever have

existed? What would be the 13th amendment if slaves were still around?

1939 came around and the U.S. alongside other countries, invaded Germany to

abolish Adolf Hitler. His plan for world domination and killing off the Jews with the use

of concentration camps had to be ended. There was over 291,000 Americans, including

Jewish Americans, killed in action to help rid of Hitler. ( Do you

think that Jewish people would still be around today if World War II did not happen, or

would they be extinct?

There were over 58,000 Americans killed in the Vietnam War (

to ensure the independence for the Vietnamese. The Vietnam War resulted in good

relations with many countries to include South Vietnam. Our nation grew far apart from

ourselves and the majority of the populace did not think highly of the soldiers that were

returning from war. How strong do you think our society would be if the Vietnam War

did not kick off? If the U.S. did not get involved in the Vietnam War, our military would

not have had gotten strong and would have dwindled. Do you think the military at that

time knew how strong they were, or even what they were capable of? They went in and

did their job and got stronger every day.

Desert Storm came around in the late 1990’s when the dictator Saddam Hussein

killed many Kuwaitis and many of his fellow Iraqis for things that are unmentionable.

He claimed that he did not do those terrible things even though he used chemical

weapons known as weapons of mass destruction in plain day. He also had families

murdered for speaking badly of him in public. The U.S. left Iraq shortly after the start of

the war and returned a decade and a half later when Saddam pushed President Bush’s

buttons a little to hard. He claimed he did not have weapons of mass destruction, and he

let inspectors in to look and they did not find any in tact. Operation Iraqi Freedom kicked

off in March of 2003 and the U.S. found the dictator and killed or captured many of his

insurgents along the way. Do you think that our society would be this strong if the

( 2,000 service members killed in Iraq did not protect this

nation? How many more “9-11’s” would have happened if the U.S. did not start

Operation Enduring Freedom? Would Saddam have agreed to peace while shooting the

breeze, drinking chai tea? I doubt it.

Terrorist attacks happen everyday worldwide. Ousting bad people from their

thrones is necessary to ensure the safety of the United States of America. Unfortunately

there are consequences with war, like billions of dollars, losing our sons, daughters,

fathers, mothers, and loved ones. Combat these days unites the citizens of America and

rids the world of bad people. War allows today’s heroes to live a life they hang their hat

on, and the lives that have been lost are not forgotten. The sacrifices that are made by our

heroes yesterday and today will be taught to our children and their freedom will continue

forth due to these unwanted sacrifices, showing that freedom is not free.

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