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Importance Of Demography

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Autor: anton 24 December 2010

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The opinion could be ventured that the study of population was one of the milestones in the development of social sciences. Demography presents population data in, a systematic manner. Its importance could be gauged from the growing application of population figures in several disciplines of study. Its significance to the individual and

society hardly requires any emphasis.

In the recent decades population is multiplying by leaps and bounds. This phenomenon is having its impact in every sphere of human life, more particularly in the Social and economic life of the society Population policy constitutes the main plank of the global programme to salvage mankind from the spectre of hunger which hangs like the sword of Damocles

Significance of demography in different fields could be treated as under

(l)Political: l In the political field the authorities wou1d be able to know with the help of factual demographic data about, the rate at which the number of voters, both male and female, are increasing and how the generation gap is gradually influencing national and international politics Besides data on population can help in identifying pockets of high concentration, what types of arrangements will be needed for conducting elections, which are the areas from where influx of population takes place, establishment of international peace and prosperity, etc.

(2)Economic: The importance of demographic studies in the economic field compasses a wide spectrum it aids in framing economic programmes which can contribute to economic development. With the help of population studies we can know how far economic development is keeping pace with the rate of growth in population, which

helps in taking appropriate measures to overcome imbalance between the two, if any.

Population figures furnish information in occupational pattern which helps in assessing the growth and modernization of the economy. As pointed out by Kathrine Organki and A.F.K. Organski:“if you wish to know how fast a nation is progressing in its economic modernization, look at the figures on occupations, at the percentage of Population engaged in agriculture, in industry and in service.”

Employment is a basic human need Population studies can help in focusing attention on the dimension’ of unemployment and employment which can be of use in evolving remedial measures. Information about per capita-income f the people, consumption habits, per capita consumption and production, etc., can be obtained as a result of population study.

(3)Economic planning: Economic planning for development is gaining universal acceptance, more particularly in the less developed nations as a sine qua non’ of the country’s progress and prosperity Planning involves the optimum use of human and material resources to subserve the best interest of the nation. Planning without

Precise data about population growth rates and its regional distribution would be like putting the cart before the horse. With the help of

population figures alone the planning authorities would be able to allocate resources to various sectors of the economy with a view to overcome regional imbalances Food production target and determination of the priorities of development cannot be undertaken without population figures Population and food supply are mutually bound up Without proper population studies, the whole edifice of plan will fall like a frail house of cards

(4) Social: Demography is that part of human knowledge which is most closely concerned with the systematic and organized study of society It is here that the society will come to know what social needs are essential for the growing population The children of to- day are the leaders of tomorrow, and to realize this aim it requires that programmes of child development are initiated and implemented Demographic study assumes Importance because child development programmes are included in the study It is population factor which makes it necessary for making improvised provision of electricity, road, water, housing, school, hospital needs of the society on the one hand and shopping centers, hygienic facilities, etc, on the other The state would be in a position to know with the help of population data about the law and order problem which growing population will create and how to solve these problems so’ that the people, feel secure.

Discussing the importance of demography Kingslay Davis stated that population figures constitute the main source of understanding the foundation of human society He puts the following fields of study under demography

(1) Population information bf a particular region.

(2) Study of population increase, rates and decrease rates.

(3) Research into the optimum rates of population change.

(4) Projection of future trends in population.

Population problem is one of the basic problems of the society which gives rise to many other problems leading to’ social disorganization and disequilibrium. Demographic studies can aid in the process of evolving better relations. Demography determines the rate of social change and helps in social organization, stability and balance.

(5) Administrative: administrators find population studies immensely useful An administrator will have to give due consideration to the population factor in gearing’ the administrative machinery to fulfill The Needs of the people.

To conclude Hauser and Duncan have rightly said: “It will doubtedly follow that population studies will, in turn also help to Improve Predictability and explanation in the related disciplines”.

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