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Maybank Online Banking

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Online Banking

Time is a precious commodity. Traffic jams, parking woes and a busy schedule can be a hassle to your banking needs. is an instant online banking service that our valued customers can access from the desktop or laptop - anytime, anywhere - at your leisure and convenience.

Cash Management


Online banking has become an important facet in everyday living. The fusion of internet technology and traditional banking services provide ease, convenience and greater command over your business's finance.

Introducing, the next step in online banking. is designed specifically to change the way corporate transactions are carried out. We aim to provide our enterprise customers a broad spectrum of web-enabled cash management solutions to suit their day-to-day business needs., our one-stop financial centre will revolutionise your online banking experience.

Payroll Services

Corporate customers can transmit salary, bonus and commission data files via the internet anytime, anywhere.

EPF Services

Corporate customers can submit their employer's and employees' monthly contributions to EPF.

SOCSO Services

Corporate customers can submit their employer's and employees' monthly contributions to SOCSO.

Payment Services

Corporate customers can make third party payments to Maybank account holders.

eDividend Services

A comprehensive online business solution designed exclusively to manage all processes pertaining to the dividend issuance for corporations & registrars via auto-crediting and warrant cheque printing.


В• Bulk

Process multiple transactions in batches or at one go without compromising on speed.

В• Secure

Secured transmission via Secured Socket Layer and hassle free access using Digital Certificate removes the need to remember 2 sets of passwords and the cumbersome steps to generate a challenge.

В• Convenience

Beat cut-off time, sign-on anywhere, transact anytime.

To find out more about convenience, please visit or contact:

General Number




Desktop Banking

Business banking in real-time.

Why rely on the traditional way of doing banking when you can handle your business banking online? That's what Maybank Desktop Banking is all about. It empowers you to manage funds faster and easier, ensuring a more efficient financial management.

Real-time banking means immediate results.

Maybank Desktop Banking gives you access to your funds in real-time, executing your instructions the very second you issue them. So every time you submit instructions, rest assured your company funds move immediately. With Maybank Desktop Banking what you see on the screen is always your latest account status - that's up-to-the-second, real-time banking!

Cash in on more investment opportunities than ever before.

Because Maybank Desktop Banking executes your instructions immediately, you can effectively make split-second decisions to take advantage of even the smallest window of opportunities.

Features and benefits that need to be seen to be believed.

Maybank Desktop Banking offers a comprehensive range of banking services such as account inquiries, cheque management, trade finance and many more. All accessible at a touch of a button to provide instantaneous results.

To find out more about our online banking convenience, fill in our Reply Form and we'll contact you soon.

Services offered


Account Inquiries

It allows you to make account balance inquiries, check your total floats, view and print up-to-the-second account activities and bank statements.



Functions available are Fund Transfer, Local and Foreign Remittance, Electronic Collection and Bills Payment.


Cheque Management

You can write cheques electronically, perform cheque status inquiries, stop payment of cheques and apply for cheque books with immediate effect.


Fund Placement

Place your company funds in Fixed Deposits and Short Term Deposits.



Reconcile your company's bank statement against your cash book in seconds.


Bank End System Integration

It allows you to import and export financial data to your back end system.


Trade Finance

You can apply for Trade Finance products such as Documentary Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit, Shipping Guarantee, Bank Guarantee and Endorsement of Transport Document. The system even allows you to make amendments on your applications.


Credit Information

View updated information on your outstanding trade finance facilities.


Custody Services

It allows you to apply, amend and cancel online Custody Trade. You can also download and view Custody Reports and Corporate Action announcements as well as update Custody Account Information.


Merchant Settlement Reports

Download and view credit card and debit card settlement reports.


Maybank Group Products

Inquire any product or services provided by the Maybank Group.


System Administration

It allows you to define different access levels for various users, limit access by grouping accounts and track audit trails.

Highest security assured

Maybank Desktop Banking uses a direct dial-up connection from your office to our network nationwide. For added security, all transmissions between your PC and our network are encrypted.

Security features allow you to set the security parameters to limit what each user can and cannot execute.

To prevent unauthorised monetary transactions, only authorised individuals are given security devices to execute secured commands.

Finally, all transactions and inquiries made are automatically recorded and logged to create an audit trail. This allows system administrators to easily trace the activities of anyone who accessed the system.

Benefits to your company



Transactions are executed in real-time, which means time-consuming and tedious transactions such as reconciliation are much faster on Maybank Desktop Banking.



Perform transactions from the comfort of your office that would otherwise require hours of driving, parking and queuing up at the bank.



Banking from your office saves you traveling time and costs. It reduces the need to deal with various branches for balance inquiries, bank statements and payment instructions.

The minimal hardware requirements save you from having to invest in expensive high-performance hardware. In addition, computerised reconciliation and cheque preparation minimise error and processing time.

Minimum computer specification


Personal computer/Notebook

Pentium II or better, 64MB RAM, serial port for modem, parallel port for printer (if required), Microsoft Windows 95 (ver.4.00 B) or better, Internet Explorer 4.0 or better, 1.44MB disk drive.


Telephone line (dial-up)


Laser printer


56.6kbps modem

Sole Proprietor

We have good news for all busy sole proprietors. You can now access online banking services on

We know, it's a tough world out there, having to run your business and handle your banking transactions on your own simultaneously. You can't be spending your precious time at the bank when you should be making more business. At the same time, you can't keep making money without going to the bank.

It's a predicament you'll continually face. But we want to change all that. We want you to continue making money. That's why we are introducing a Sole Proprietorship Service to make life easier for you.

With's Internet banking service, you can perform your banking transactions online without disrupting your business. Pay your bills or any other transactions at the comfort of your office or home.

Here's a step-by-step guide to fast forward your Internet Banking experience:


Visit the home branch of your business account.


Fill up the Kawanku Electronic Banking Services (KEBS) application form at the counter.


Select your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be used for the Internet Banking facility.


The teller will provide you the KEBS access number.


Visit and click "First Time Login".

Other Services

No bragging. Services at are tailor-made to suit your discriminating needs. From international to Islamic banking, we can meet every financial need.

Check out what we have in store.

Custody Services

Maybank Custody Services - Your Partner in Malaysia

Professional custody servicing requires one essential tool - a Local Partner. As the leading bank in Malaysia with an edge in local market knowledge, Maybank Custody Services is fully committed and focused on providing superior clearing and custody services (for both equity and fixed income) to global custodians, foreign fund managers, broker dealers, banks and trust banks, mutual funds and pension funds as well as local Institutional Investors.

Range of Custody & Clearing Services

В• Clearing

В• Safekeeping

В• Settlement Services

В• Income Collection

В• Corporate Actions

В• Portfolio Reporting

В• Cash Reporting

В• Proxy Service

Value-added Services

В• Cash Management

В• Credit Facilities

В• Foreign Exchange

В• Client Relationship and Services

В• Market Newsflash

В• Securities Trading

В• Economic and Corporate Developments

Why Maybank Custody Services?


В• Maybank is the leading Malaysian bank in terms of shareholders' funds, total assets, market capitalisation, loans and deposits, and profit. Maybank has one of the highest credit ratings among banks in Malaysia

Client focus and Responsiveness

В• Dedicated client relationship, superior service, flexibility and fast turnaround time

Commitment to the Business

В• Leveraging further on technology and automation of the custody operations is a key priority


В• We are noted for innovative solutions for clients

Depository Receipts

В• We are the local specialist in providing custodial services relating to Depository Receipts, like ADR

Market Newsflash

В• Fully committed to providing up-to-date information on market developments that keep our clients abreast of regulatory, operating and market practice changes

Track Record & Experience

В• Maybank actively services international institutional clients such as global custodians, Banks, trust banks, fund managers and broker dealers, besides being the leading provider to domestic clients

Competitive Pricing

В• Maybank offers a flexible approach and competitive pricing for trouble-free settlement and corporate action, seamless communication and reporting

Global Custody Services

Besides domestic custody services, Maybank has a special arrangement with a reputable international global custodian to provide competitive global custody services in more than 100 different markets.

Awards and Achievements

Custody Awards

GSCS Benchmark

В– Roll of Honour

(Review of Emerging Markets)

1999, 2001, 2002 & 2003

Global Custodian Magazine

В– Commended

(Emerging Markets Agent Bank Review)

2000, 2002,

2003, 2004 & 2005

Some of the clients' comments :

Foreign Rated В– "Maybank earns its first-ever commended rating, as scores shoot upward. Its client roster is growing and, for those looking for a local provider, Maybank is now a realistic alternative. A player worth watching."

"Maybank's dedicated client services manager is very knowledgeable of the market and is flexible in accommodating the reporting requirements."

"Maybank achieves (its goal of) delivering premium service in their sincerity to meet (the) client's specific needs by extending their flexibility, which is commendable."

Domestic Rated В– "Maybank is the dominant securities services provider to domestic fund managers, mutual fund managers, pension funds, insurance companies and corporates."

"They (Maybank) are well-known for their flexibility in meeting clients' needs, and helpful."

Enterprise Banking

Look no further!

Maybank Group has a wide range of business banking products to give you the right financing package to meet your business needs.

Financial Packages

If you operate a small or medium sized business and you're looking for a loan to increase your business reach, our Enterprise Banking team can provide you with the products and services that are tailored made to suit your financial needs.

Trade Financing Facilities & Services

Dealing with Imports and Exports?

Let us assist you with our wide range of Trade Financing facilities and services. Please contact or visit any of our 15 TFCs nationwide.

Cash Management Solutions

Need to have online cash management solutions? Why not use our services.


Need to upgrade or invest in Information Technology (IT) but lack the required funds?

Let us help!

Maybank ITplus is Malaysia's first term loan package specially designed to assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in acquiring the latest IT solutions.

Solutions that will provide your business with a competitive edge; lower costs, increased productivity and customer responsiveness.

SMEs are invited to apply for loans ranging from RM15,000 up to RM500,000 to invest in hardware and software IT solutions.

Package benefits include:

В• High Margin of Advance


Attractive borrowing rates


Affordable repayment terms

Supported by Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC)

CGC guarantee cover for loan applications under the Maybank ITplus can be organized for eligible companies.

Types of IT Solutions Financed

В• IT Solutions (hardware and software) marketed by approved IBM and Intel Solutions vendors

В• Categories of IT Solutions include:

В• Corporate Governance

В• Risk Management

В• Human Resource Management

В• Accounting

В• Customer Relationship Management

В• Enterprise, Resource and Production Planning

В• Other promotional packages offered under the "IT For All Business" campaign

Package Features

Facility Type Term Loan

Amount Min RM15,000

Max RM500,000

Margin of Advance Hardware and Software up to 80%

Borrowing Rate At 5% under Government Aided Loan Schemes (for eligible companies and subject to availability of funds)

BLR + 1.5% to 2.0%

Tenor Max 3 years (36 months)

Security В• Directors' guarantee

В• CGC guarantee, if necessary

В• Others, if required

* Terms and conditions apply

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