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The Outsiders: Movie Vs Book

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Autor: anton 19 May 2011

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Ever read a book, and then see the movie of the story? The novel and movie, The Outsiders, had many similarities and many differences. The Outsiders is an excellent tale by S. E. Hinton, and the movie was high-quality as well. There was a huge variation between the two. There were also tiny details that were precisely the same. The novel and movie had many similarities and differences.

The similarities are a huge part of what makes the movie great. The movie and the novel both had the complete Greaser gang... Pony, Johnny, Soda, Darry, Dally, Two-Bit and Steve. The characters had the same age and personality in the movie and novel. The book and novel also both included the “hero newspaper”. The newspaper explained how the Greasers, although very unlikely, were heroes because they saved the kids in the fire. The newspaper also read that the Curtis boys might be split up, sending Pony and Soda to a boys home. The movie and novel also incorporated the rumble… how Pony and Dally visited Johnny before and after the rumble, how the Socs fled and how the Greasers won. Finally, the novel and book both had the beginning and ending be the movie house and Paul Newman. The similarities were an outstanding part of the movie.

Although there were many similarities, there were huge differences in the novel and the movie. In the novel, there is a rich west side and a poor east side. In the movie, there is a rich south side Soc and a poor north side Greaser. Also, the movie didn’t show the part where Pony got jumped. The novel went into this in great detail. Besides this, the movie left out some characters, and made other characters in more minor roles. The movie didn’t mention Sandy, and Sodapop had an extremely smaller role. Finally, the movie didn’t have Pony failing his English class, therefore Pony writing the essay, which turned into this novel, made no sense. These differences made the novel and the movie very special.

The novel and the movie had many things different, and I felt the movie left out a lot of important detail. I enjoyed the novel more because it had more to it. The movie left out a lot of bits and pieces, and not just that… it was important material. Some of the main parts were missing… what about Sandy… what about the relationship between Soda and Pony… what about Darry and Pony not fighting anymore… what about Randy visiting Soda…? These were some of the key elements of the story, and they all have a meaning… from seeing the relationship between brothers, to seeing how a selfish Soc brat comes to see a sick Greaser. Also, in the novel, you can imagine more. In the movie, Pony looked like he was 18, Johnny like he was 12, and Darry like he was 40! In my imagination, the characters all looked the age described and all fit together… like a family. One more thing… the Socs didn’t look as bad in the movie. In the novel, it explains how Johnny was jumped, and you feel as if you were right in on the action when Pony gets jumped. The key elements, such as Bob’s rings weren’t as clear in the movie as in the book. The movie didn’t have many of the important detail that made The Outsiders a great read.

The movie and the novel had many differences, but many similarities. They both included the complete Greaser gang, the heroes’ newspaper, the rumble, the 3 deaths, and the Paul Newman bit. It was very disappointing to see that the movie didn’t include Pony and Johnny getting jumped, Sandy, the relationship between Pony and Johnny, and Pony failing school. These disappointments stood out more then the similarities, making me like the novel better. The novel and movie, The Outsiders, had several similarities and a lot of differences.

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