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Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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Autor: anton 09 December 2010

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An individual's personal strengths and weaknesses are life learning experiences and we all as human beings have different levels strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes a person's strengths and weaknesses may seem very difficult to discuss at times. No one ever wants to admit that they have weaknesses because they are feel ashamed or embarrassed to let others to know that their weaknesses exist. It is best for a person to really know himself or herself in order to accurately evaluate the areas that require additional personal development such as determining their strengths and weaknesses. We have to be totally honest to paint a true picture of where we are now and where we want to be. I understand that there are certain areas of my personality and life that I will have to improve to achieve my goals. As fore stated, I believe life is a learning experience and we all have certain personal strengths and weaknesses. If we know the areas in our lives in which we feel comfortable with what we doing, or what we are good at and areas where we struggle or what we are weak, this could lead to stepping stones in helping us to become better people. Recognizing these weaknesses along with having the desire to improve them is a skill that everyone should strive to possess. Some of the abilities and skills I possessed and contributed to in my work environment, personal life, and learning team are quite similar. My philosophy being able to get the work done no matter what obstacles are in your way. I generally consider myself to be a well-organized, hard-working, and a very precise individual. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have a weakness for procrastination. I tend to wait until the last minute to really get on the grind about things. My aunt has always stated, "Procrastination is Devastation!" I never really paid attention to what she was saying. I am striving to learn that it better to be prepared then to wait until the last minute to put out fires.

On the other hand, my greatest personal strength that permeates into other areas of my life is persistence. I take pride in being persistent at whatever I put in mind to get accomplished. I generally set high standards for myself. My belief is to do my best in whatever I'm doing. If this happens, then I will be successful with the task that I'm doing and I have successfully completed my commitment to that task. I also believe that another personal strength that I acquire is having good people skills. I come into contact with many individuals on a daily basis who require my assistance (i.e., students, co-workers, and professors). I am able to conquer projects in both my personal and professional life in such a manner that they can be completed with efficiency. This saves me time and allows me to accomplish more.

In my work environment, I can posses some positive strength as well as some negative weaknesses. I believe I am a team player and I get the job done! Fortunately, procrastination doesn't play a role in my work environment. I have to be able to stay focus on what my responsibilities entails. My role is to remind my co-workers of what needs to be done and keep track of monthly income. Sometimes it is my responsibility is to make sure that team players make important phone calls or different meeting times. I consider myself to be a well-organized and very hard-working in my company. I believe I am an asset to my work environment. However, I believe that there is always room for improvements in order to help make me more successful in my work environment.

In my personal life, I think I possess some positive strengths as well as some negative weaknesses. I believe I try to keep my personal life very organized, but it's hard trying to balance my personal issues. Sometimes my weaknesses tend to take over my strengths. As I stated earlier, I have an issue with procrastination in my personal life. I wait until the last minute to complete things in my life, if it is not on a deadline. I believe I am organized, but sometimes I become lazy and forget the important things because these things do not concern other people. There are many things in my life I believe need to change for the better. I am striving to improve my weaknesses, but sometimes I feel that I can not seem to get things back on track. Another one of my weakness is not being able to save money. It seems like every time I try to save a little, there's absolutely nothing left to save. Although, some of that has to do with today's economy. I hope to have some improvement in my personal life and strengthen my weakest points of my personal life.

In my learning team, I think I possess some positive strengths as well as some negative weaknesses, but I believe my strengths out weights my weaknesses. I enjoy working in teams. Working in teams enables me to believe that my strengths are greater than my weaknesses. I bring many positives aspect to my team. I try to communicate with my fellow teammates to complete class assignments. I believe I am a positive attribute to my learning team. I feel that there are some improvements that I can bring to my learning team. I believe that in order to become a successful team each of my teammates need to contribute something.

In conclusion, the better a person knows themselves, the better they can evaluate themselves in areas that require additional personal development. Again, it is my belief that life is a real learning experience and we all have certain personal strengths and weaknesses. We should know our good points as well as our weak points. If we are aware of those, then we can become better people. It is my hope that in the future I will improve my areas of weaknesses.

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