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Romeo And Juliet Film Analysis

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Autor: anton 20 March 2011

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The film В‘Romeo and Juliet' begins with a news report which summarizes the story. The director does this to show the seriousness of the plot. When we think of news reports we envision serious, real life events and by using this, the director shows how serious the film is going to be.

The opening sequence shows all different sides of Verona. It shows churches and statues of Christ which symbolize the importance of religion in the city. This scene also shows the Montague and Capulet buildings, which signify the wealth and importance of these two families within the town. The city of Verona is divided in two and this sequence shows this by showing all the rioting and violence in the town.

The gas station scene parodies Western movies in many ways:

- The dramatic way the scene is acted out.

- The way things are slowed down or sped up.

- Western style music is played.

- Close ups of faces and weapons are used a lot in this scene.

- Total silence to hear sign creak and wind blow.

- Fleeing by-standers in background.

- Dramatic "gun play".

- Cowboy boots, smoking and matches are also used in this scene and are common in westerns.

Many visual motifs are used in the В‘gas station scene'. For example guns are called "swords" as in the original play where real swords were used. This becomes known through a close up on one of the guns where В‘sword' is engraved on the side. Religious symbols are also used a lot, but not so much representing faith in the Lord, but faith and an allegiance in their family.

Camera movement and editing are very important tools, used when Romeo and Juliet are together to emphasize peacefulness and tranquility. An example of this is when Romeo and Juliet meet, they are in the bathroom looking at each other through a fish tank. The music is almost non-existent, camera movement is slowed right down and long shots are used. This makes the viewer focus and it seems that nothing else is happening in the world.

Mercutio sings "Young hearts run free" at the Capulet's ball, in this context the song has a double meaning. On one hand its telling the story of what is going to happen, Romeo and Juliet's hearts run free and they fall in love, but it also has to do with their death, yes their hearts ran free and they fell in love, but it also caused their deaths.

Fire and water are two motifs used in Romeo and Juliet frequently. Fire represents hate, the gas station brawl ends in flames and in the opening sequence there is fire, symbolizing the hate between the Montagues and the Capulets. Whereas water is used to represent love, whenever Romeo and Juliet are together there is water, symbolizing peace between the families. Juliet is always filmed with water in the shot because she is the only person who has never killed and doesn't have the same hate for the Montague's as the rest of her family.

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