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Autor: anton 14 October 2010

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When three friends are pressured by the government and each other, what choices will they make to strengthen or weaken their friendship? When people are pressured into things, does the character change? Is it a good or bad way. In the movie "Swing Kids" Peter, Thomas, and Aarvid made choices that reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their friendship.

Peter is almost the head of there little group, and the choices he makes determines what everyone else thinks and does. For example, Peter is sent into the HJ's because of his bad behavior and not because he wants to join. He is an individual and does not do what everyone else tells him to do just like all the rest of his peers are doing. Peter is a strong character because he thinks things through, and he thinks before he talks. In addition, peter did not discriminate against Aarvid even though his fellow HJ's and friends did. He is a good friend and would rater be loyal to his friends rather than to his fellow HJ's. Even when his friends in the HJ try to do something against his friends he will try to stop them instead of just letting them do it. No matter how or what everyone says is wrong with his friends he stays true to his real friends no matter what anyone says.

Everyone has a friend who thinks that what he does and what he says is the only thing that is true. For example, Thomas joins the HJ because Peter did but after a while he starts to get just like all the rest of the HJ's, and questions what people are doing and even turns his own father in. Thomas cannot remain loyal to his friends or even his own family who is closer than his friends. This shows that he would rather go with the crowd than rather trying to be an individual like Peter. In addition, at the end of the Movie Thomas beats up Peter because he was dancing as a Swing Kid. If Thomas was a true friend he would have just told him to leave and nothing would have happened but he just had to fight him. Thomas joined the HJ because of Peter but Thomas and Peter thought two different ways and they each went there separate ways also. As soon as Thomas joined the HJ's his look on everything changed dramatically but Peters look did not change it just made them grow farther apart.

Aarvid is a person who speaks his mind and always tries to persuade people to think what he thinks is true. For example, he did not like that Thomas and Peter were in the HJ, and could not understand why they were in it. He should have listened to Peter when he told Aarvid that he had to join, Aarvid still thought that Peter and Thomas wanted to join on there own. He was also closed minded and would not listen to Peter even though he stuck up for him. In addition, when Aarvid comits suicide he takes an easy way out of things instead of standing up for what he thought was right. Aarvid should have stood up to the government and told them exactly what he thought. Aarvid, Thomas, and Peter should have tried to stay together even through the roughest of times. If Thomas and Peter would not have joined the HJ Aarvid would be alive and they would all still be friends.

The tough times that they went through are like the rough times me and friends go through only we don't fight because some of us are in the army. They should have been more open to the fact that they were in the HJ, and should have helped each other out through the rough times instead of fighting all the time. As soon as something happened they should have talked about it to each other. If my and my friends were in that spot I don't think we would have turned out the way they did we would have solved the problem.

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