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Typewriter Vs. Computer

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Autor: anton 28 May 2011

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"Typewriter Vs Computer"

If a student is ever put into a position where they have to select between an old fashion typewriter and a modern computer to write their essays for there professors at California State University, Fresno. The student will most likely select a modern computer instead of using an old fashion typewriter because the advantages of using a computer are far superior than those of a typewriter. While the value of a computer is more useful than those of the typewriter in a sense both are very similar but different in many aspects. One of those similarities is that they both have a keyboard for typing purposes a fact that accounts for the similarities between the two machines.

If the student receives a special grant to purchase either a typewriter or a computer, if he has the intelligence of an average student he would probably consider buying the typewriter because it is less expensive than a computer. However, because of the differences in value a computer has more accessories enabling the student to advance both in his homework or even in his personal writing which makes them different. In contrast however, one of the benefits that the student may notice is that he may use the typewriter for filling out applications while the computer as far as everyone knows, does not have this function, which makes the typewriter have one advantage over the computer.

Another difference between the writing machines is that if the student is typing a term paper with a typewriter and suddenly notices a mistake or perhaps he needs to make some changes such as erasing a letter, word or an entire line, he may do so. Consequently and unfortunately, however, if the typist has hit the function key “enter” in the typewriter then the typewriter will not be able to do the necessary corrections for him. On the other hand, if the student is typing his term paper with a computer he is most likely to give himself the luxury of erasing from one letter to the entire work in addition to cutting and pasting text.

Imagine the frustration if this student is actually using a typewriter while writing his final research paper for his psychology 102 class and Dr. Einstein is requiring a minimum of thirty-five pages but not more then fifty pages. As the student proof reads his final draft, he notices that in the last paragraph of the second page there is a big typing error not only there but from there on. How could this have happen if he is always taking precautions of not committing these errors which then become nightmares? (The typist does not know it but his little sister came running into the room while attempting to restrain her poodle dog; nevertheless she dropped all the pages that her brother had hand written with a pen, the little girl just picked them up to cover up her carelessness. Therefore, she restocked them without noticing that she has mixed up the papers). Can you visualize what the brother felt like doing to her after all the stress he went through as he typed his final research paper? I am sure you do.

Although this is just a hypothetical scene it would make any student to reconsider when they are using a typewriter for writing school papers. This of course, is not the end of the world and the student actually does have two choices after all. The first choice would be to use whiteout to erase his mistake or errors but most likely his professor would not be so pleased to read his entire paper with all that whiteout. On the other hand, if he is using a computer, then he will have the ability to come back, go down and move wherever he pleases to work in his paper, and most of all to make the necessary changes if he needs to.

For all students if you are planing to use a typewriter or if you are already using one I hope that I have not mislead you; to not using a typewriter because in a way a typewriter may be better in some instances. For example, if a student is typing in the computer and has typed about two pages without having a rough draft; nor saving into his disk or the hard drive. Assume that suddenly the power goes off because El Niсo decides to come a pay him a visit, guess what? He has just lost two valuable pages, and will have to start once again from the beginning and most likely will be cussing at the computer but it is not the computers fault because they are program to do what you request them to. On the other hand, if the student is typing the old fashion way with a typewriter and has typed the same pages as I said above, even if he has made some errors he will still have all of his ideas in paper.

Ultimately, even thought typewriters are less expensive than computers and may have very few advantages to it. The students in this case is fully convinced and has no doubt, that a computer is an asset for him to survive in college and most likely in the long run a computer will actually pay for itself because he will not be using a lot of printing paper. This may not be true but he and everyone else who uses less printing paper will make a contribution to nature because they will be able to save a few trees! Certainly the student says that this is a proven fact and not a theory.

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