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Bunker Hill

As the British charge up Bunker Hill for the first time, their spirits high, they are soon slaughtered by the Continental Army’s superior position. British soldiers near death or already dead are scattered around the battle field; soon many more wil ...

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Bunker Hill

Clinton keeps hope alive in rallies at retiree condos May 23, 2008 Who---Hillary Clinton, is a Senator from New York. Hillary has also been the First lady ...

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Until the novel Burr, Aaron Burr was just a footnote in the figurative textbook of American history. He has long been known for the fatal shooting of Alexander Hamilton in 1804, the charges of treason brought against him in 1807, and less notably for h ...

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Issues Budget Management Education Energy Health Care Homeland Security Hurricanes Immigration Jobs & Economy Judicial Nominations Medicare Middle East National Security Pandemic Flu Patriot Act Renewal in ...

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The Incredibly, Unbelievably, Stupendously, Incurious George Bush READ MORE: 9/11, Iraq, 2006, CIA, Andy Card, Hurricane, Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush Never has there been a public official more unequipped to be President of the United States of ...

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Bush As A Machiavellian Leader

George Bush and Niccolo Machiavelli are two very influential political figures that share some similar ideals. Machiavelli's work was never intended to be applied to republics, or a democratic government. The advice written in The Prince would have likel ...

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Bush Declares War

Bush Jr. declares war The following is a full transcript of his address: "My fellow citizens, at this hour American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grav ...

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Bush Doctrine

America's Age of Empire: The Bush Doctrine With barely a debate, the Bush doctrine has set out a radically new -- and dangerous -- role for the United States. On September 20, the Bush administration published a national security manifesto overt ...

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Bush'S Address To Congress - Environment, Charity, And Education

Bush's Address To Congress - Environment, Charity, and Education Written by: saritagarcia113 After this year’s chaotic election, the country is divided and furious. It is up to our new president to heal the wounds. To do so, it is obvious he m ...

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Bush'S Crazyness

Bush feared that if news got out about the Iraq plan as U.S. forces were fighting another conflict, people would think he was too eager for war, journalist Bob Woodward writes in "Plan of Attack," a behind-the-scenes account of the 16 months leading to th ...

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