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Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy and his gang of outlaws have had a profound effect on America during the late 1800s. Because of this infamous “Wild Bunch,” the famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency produced many wanted ads for these criminals. One of these t ...

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Caesar Rodney

It’s pretty hard to become known as a hero, even harder to be known as one of the heroes of a nation. The man, Caesar Rodney was exactly that, he has been to known to be called the hero of Delaware. Caesar Rodney was a soldier, judge, Speaker of Delawar ...

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Calebs Choice

The story Caleb’s Choice, takes place in northern Texas during the huge slavery issue in 1858, before the Civil War. This historical time in America was an ongoing issue between the northern and southern regions of the United States. The northern ...

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California Gold Rush Of 1849

Would you travel, live, and work under harsh conditions for months to fulfill a dream? Thousands of gold hunters from all corners of the world did so in hopes of striking rich after an abrupt discovery of gold in the American territory of California. Th ...

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California Natives

Even in the 20th century, people had attitudes towards indians. Navajo thought CA indians were bad. What it does to people, is to make views towards them degrading and worthless. Salves had the concsious of pple who came into CA murdered indians and ind ...

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Calvinism is the theological system of John Calvin who exerted international influence on the development of the doctrine of the Protestant Reformation (Warfield, 2004). Calvin and his followers marked by strong emphasis on the sovereignty of God, the dep ...

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Cambells Soup

Campbell's Soup Cans (sometimes referred to as 32 Campbell's Soup Cans)[1] is a work of art produced in 1962 by Andy Warhol. It consists of 32 canvases, each measuring 20 inches in height Ч 16 inches in width (50.8 Ч 40.6 cm) and each consisting of a pa ...

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Campaign Spending

Campaign spending should be limited The 2008 presidential election has shown the citizens of the United States of America how much freedom campaign spending has. Months before the election; spending has exceeded the last 2000 election of six hundred m ...

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Canada 1919-1939

Canada between the Wars 1919-1939 I. The British Commonwealth of Nations- The period between the wars brought: Culmination of Canada's growth to independent nationhood within the British Commonwealth. Prime Minister Borden - Included in the Imperial ...

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Hershey Foods Corporation is engaged, with its subsidiaries, in the manufacture, distribution and sale of confectionery and grocery products. The Company's principal product groups include confectionery products sold in the form of bar goods, bagged items ...

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